Mainstream Indian media : 8 Hinduphobic Dirty Tricks

Recently, many news portals of mainstream Indian Media reported about a ‘Baba’ in MP. Apparently, this ‘Baba’ claimed to cure Coronavirus by kissing hands of people. The inevitable happened and the ‘Baba’ died. Of course, many people he came in contact with are also found infected.

Corona baba
Aslam ‘Baba’

However, when you read the news, it would be clear that the ‘Baba’ was named Aslam. The representational picture by many media houses showed a Hindu Sanyasi and Headlines screamed ‘Baba’.

Every month we hear stories of how some ‘Tantrik’ defrauded or raped women. The representational picture in such news always shows a Hindu holy man. The actual culprit is almost always a Muslim. So why call them ‘Baba’ or ‘Tantrik’? Why not Maulana?

The dirty tricks and Hinduphobia of mainstream media is not restricted to only these type of cases. I have prepared a list of such types, where you often see Hinduphobic bias by mainstream Indian media.

The Leftist position on India and Hinduism

But first let us delve into the reasons. It is not a secret that the Indian left abhors Indian religion, culture and traditions. In fact it is so with left parties, all over the world. In Russia and China they destroyed their old cultures, in their unsuccessful bid to form a new society.

In India, they try to do the same. In fact, the treachery of left parties has been known since 1940s when they provided the intellectual basis for partition of India.

Very few people know that Gangadhar Adhikari, a big Communist leader, wrote a thesis in 1943 that favoured partitioning India into dozens of independent countries. It was officially adopted by Communist Party of India! This document is filled with disdain towards Hindus and their conception of ‘Akhand Hindustan’. Fortunately, due to efforts of Sardar Patel, their deranged fantasies did not come to fruition.

However, under the patronage of Nehru and Indira{despite the treachery of Communists in 1962!} in Independent India, the very same Communists got into academics and journalism. There they remain and continue to peddle their anti-India and anti-Hindu propaganda.

It is not a secret that the major English and Hindi language media houses in India are dominated by leftists. The Hindu, Indian Express, NDTV are the most well known among these, but the reach of leftists is not limited to these media houses. Almost all of them are influenced in some measure by this ideology.

This background is necessary so that you understand why Hinduphobia has become so mainstream in a Hindu majority country. I will give some examples of their dirty tricks in this article.

Mainstream Indian media Dirty tricks

I have classified the dirty tricks of mainstream Indian media into eight distinct heads. Of course, some categories might have escaped my eyes. In such a case, I request the readers to mention the same in comments. I would be happy to include the same with credits.

‘Samudaay Vishesh’

It is a well known dirty trick in Hindi newspapers. If the accused in some crime are Muslims, they are not named as such but called ‘Samudaay vishesh’ or ‘a certain community’.

For those proficient in Hindi, they can click here to see the reports of ‘Hindustan’, a prominent Hindi newspaper with this particular phrase. You will find a page something like this:-

Mainstream Indian media dirty trick 1
In all of these news, Muslims are the accused.

In all such news, Muslims are the accused, however they are not explicitly named. Compare this to the dirty trick #2 mentioned below.

Fake Muslim victims

If they try to secularize the crimes of Muslims, no effort is spared to communalize when a person from minority comes second in a fight.

People might recall the shrill cry of Hindu intolerance when windows of a church was broken by some miscreants. Similarly, a nun was raped in Bengal and again Hindus were openly blamed, until the real culprit was found to be Muslim. Then the voices died down!

In recent times Hindus have been accused of making Muslims say Jai Shri Ram, lynching them for no reason at all and of planning their genocide.

Although the news of ‘Jai Sri Ram’ slogan has been debunked, the lie is still repeated. Similarly, lynching of thieves is given a communal angle. Interestingly, lynching of Hindu boys for having Muslim girlfriends is not lynching!

All this has not only led to bad press for the country on international level, but also needless fear among Muslims. Fear sparks violence, as evidenced in Delhi recently.

Of course this is what the leftists want. Breaking the nation has been their wet dream since decades.

Reporting on Dalits

The unity of Hindus in the language of leftists is called ‘communal polarisation’. Ironically, the unity of Muslims is ‘spirit of brotherhood’!

To break the emerging Hindu unity, they try to play the caste card. In this narrative so called high caste ‘savarna males’ are the oppressors and all other victims.

So whenever there is a case of conflict between people from two different caste, for whatsoever reason, it is given the narrative of Dalit oppression. Many a times, the accused are not even Hindu, leave alone upper caste males.

A recent example is given in the tweet below:-

Brahmin hate being openly propagated on basis of fake news

See the response of police in this case:-

police clarification
Police says there is no caste angle. Thieves were of different castes and so were those who tonsured them.

Of course, there is no accountability of journalists in India, specially if they rant against Hindus.

Reporting on superstition

To prove Hinduism is a worthless religion and make Hindus a self-hating community, leftists project Hinduism as a religion steeped in superstition. I wrote in the introduction of this article how Muslim Maulanas are declared as ‘Baba’ or Tantric to defame Hinduism.

The other side of this issue is that superstitious practices by Muslims and Evangelists are never questioned.

If you are on twitter, you should follow @noconversion. The handle has a large collection of videos on how Christian missionaries spread superstition. They claim to cure all diseases by prayer and do large ‘healing’ conferences with fake stories. I hope to write a separate post on this issue. You will never see criticism of such practices in any publication. Ever wondered why?

Similarly, watch any advt/poster of ‘Bengali Baba/Tantrics’ in buses, walls, newspapers and TV channels. Almost every single one of them is a Muslim. They claim to solve all problems from love life to career in 1 hour. How have we turned a blind eye to such blatant promotion of superstition as well as defamation of Hinduism by Muslims?

No mainstream media house will report it, because they have a certain agenda.

Reporting on politicians

The bias is also seen in reporting on pro-Hindu political leaders. For years, Modi was hounded due to unproved allegations regarding 2002 riots. You will never see similar attitudes towards Congress leaders despite 1984, Nellie, Bhagalpur etc. riots. Rajiv Gandhi is still a great leader for them.

Smriti Irani is often referred to as ‘actress turned politician’, despite showing her mettle in electoral politics. No one has ever referred to Sonia Gandhi as ‘bargirl turned politician’. Why?

Yogi Adityanath is a special target for these reporters. He has been defamed internationally. He was called an Islamophobic militant by Washington post. Laughably, the same publication called Baghdadi, the head of terrorist organisation ISIS as ‘austere religious scholar.’

Baghdadi good, Yogi bad?
Baghdadi good, Yogi bad?

Militants, Activists and terrorists

One way in which crimes of Islamist terrorists are whitewashed is by declaring them as ‘activists’! What an innocent term.

mainstream Indian media calls ISIS terrorists as activists/worker
ISIS is an NGO!

This is not a one off event. Terrorists in Kashmir are routinely called ‘militants’ to whitewash them . A casual reader of Indian History would think that these ‘militants’ were followers of Lokmanya Tilak or Lala Lajpat Rai, famous militant nationalists.

It is however not surprising as journalists of NDTV are known to keep Osama Bin Laden dolls on their tables.

Consider the reverse. RSS members are often called ‘saffron terrorists’ by the same forces. Indeed the narrative was pushed by UPA govt.

The narrative has since been busted with acquittals of almost all accused framed in Hindutva terrorism cases.

For the sake of argument, let us accept that all such cases were correct and there does exist Hindutva terrorism. Let them answer the following:-

There are  thousands of victims of Islamic terrorism in modern India by a community which forms 15% of population. Maybe at most 100 victims of so called ‘lynchings’ and ‘Hindutva Terror’ by 78% population community. How can both be equated? Indeed how can Hindutva be called a terrorist ideology with hardly a word against Islamism?

Freedom of speech

Mainstream Indian media claims to be protector of freedom of speech and expression. Indeed when S. Varadrajan of The Wire was served a legal notice due to a defamatory and factually incorrect piece against UP CM Yogi Adityanath, there was a huge uproar.

There was no uproar when Arnab Goswami was interrogated for 12 house just for calling Antonia by her real name! Recently editors of OpIndia were harassed by Bengal police. There was a pin drop silence!

This is not limited to media persons. Leftist and Islamist controlled universities, e.g. JNU, Jamia, AMU and Jadavpur have many a times cancelled programmes of right wing intellectuals due to opposition by leftists. The same persons swear by freedom of speech even when they shout anti-national slogans!


Religious conversions is an issue that is not much discussed in mainstream Indian media. However, whenever it is discussed it is almost always biased against Hindus.

It is an open secret that rampant conversion of Hindus is happening in India. It can be seen in Malappuram in Kerala, Mewat in Haryana and through love jihad all over India by Muslims. I have recently written an article on love jihad. Click here to read.

Similarly, Christian conversion at an alarming rate is happening in Andhra Pradesh, Punjab and Jharkhand etc. In fact, the activities of these foreign funded missionaries is visible all over India in the remotest corners. Recently, a sitting MP from Andhra Pradesh claimed on live TV that 25% of the population of Andhra is now Christian. However, only 2-3% are Christian on paper to protect their reservation!

Indeed Andhra Govt recently passed order to pay 1,30,000 pastors! If one pastor is responsible on average for 50 families of 4 members each, the total Christian population in Andhra is about 2.6 crores! This would be about 40-45 % of the population.

But you will never find these details in mainstream media. Even if the news comes once or twice, there is no discussion, no editorials on this demographic change. Now you know why!

When you hear any news about conversion, it is about some stray incident of conversion into Hinduism, which immediately becomes controversial. It is assumed that such conversion is by default forced! Double standards?

Can mainstream Indian media’s bias be corrected?

There is no easy answer to this question. I would like to say yes, but unfortunately the current situation does not inspire much confidence. The discourse could be changed in two ways:-

  1. Capturing old media houses and slowly changing their editorial policies. However, it can only be a long term task. Once nationalist paper ‘The Hindu’ became a vehicle of Hindu hate and leftist thought only after decades.
  2. By establishing and supporting new media houses that produce quality content. Unfortunately, many RW media portals have been plagued by fake news, plagiarism and generally bad reputation. It should be understood that being a party’s mouthpiece does not serve best interests of the nation. The support in the form of money and political support is not forthcoming.

As of now, there are only two large RW news portals. Others have closed, become distracted or become discredited. My 1.5 months old one person blog gets more views than some of these old portals!

Compare this with the huge number of left wing portals opened in last few years. Almost all are well funded and have acquired large following.

One thing that all of us can do is to relentlessly point out the blatant biases of mainstream Indian media platforms. The shaming is unlikely to have an effect on the ‘journalists’, but at least their reality would become known to common man.  

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  1. Follow the money: These news media needs the petro dollars to survive. Saudi Arabia has been funneling $100Billion every year since 1970 to promote Wahabi version of Sunni Islam. These dollars also get to the media people via NGOs, sympathetic govts etc. etc. The ecosystem is multi-tiered with Barkha and Rajdeep types on top and foot soldiers like PK and people in the middle like Swara Bhasker.

    Its a info war that should get over by 2050 (as world economy moves away from oil).

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