Anti-Hindu Congress tries to stop Ayodhya Temple construction again!

While the whole nation waits for the ‘bhoomi poojan’ for Ram Temple on 5th of August, Congress ecosystem tries to stop Ayodhya temple construction again. In last few days, they have tried at least two times through their proxies to stop the ‘bhoomi poojan’.

‘Congressi’ Shankaracharya raises needless controversy

Shankaracharya of Puri, Swaroopananda Saraswati is known to be close to Congress party. He has previously campaigned for Congress in elections and is known to be close to Digvijay Singh and bargirl-turned-politician Sonia Gandhi. In February 2019, he said he will lay the foundation at a place near Ram Janmbhoomi and then claimed in June that the center was trying to build a temple at another place then Janmbhoomi.

In an ugly controversy, the Christian missionary was seen blessing Swami Swaroopanand in the name of Jesus and the photos had gone viral.

Congress tries to stop Ayodhya Temple
Saket Gokhale with Rahul Gandhi and Shakaracharya with Digvijay, Sonia and while being ‘blessed’ by a missionary.

Recently, he stated that the date and time chosen for temple construction is ‘ashubh’ according to Jyotish, astrology, and temple should not be started that day.

There is no bad time to do a good deed. Even then, the temple trust has such worthies as Shankaracharya Vasudevanand Saraswati of Jyotishpeeth{which is also claimed by Swaroopanand Saraswati} and Madhwacharya Swami of Pejawar Math. The date and time has been carefully calculated for the same.

Anyways, one can raise the issue that was the original temple not constructed according to Jyotisha? Is it was, why did it fall? What about thousands of other such Hindu temples destroyed by Muslims?

Clearly, astrological part of jyotish is not an exact science. Shankaracharya is a respectable position and Swaroopananda should maintain its dignity.

Saket Gokhale : RTI activist and Congress supporter files PIL against Ram Temple

Saket Gokhale is a controversial RTI activist with Congress leanings. He filed a PIL in Allahabad High Court, requesting an order to stop Ram Temple construction at Ayodhya.

He claimed that the ‘bhoomi-poojan’ of Ram Temple at this time is against the protocols of COVID. He claimed that about 300 people had been invited for the ceremony.

The court gave him a tight slap saying “The entire petition for writ is based on assumptions and there is no foundation for apprehending violation of the prescribed protocol.”

Congressi media and pretext of secularism

Finally, when no other point remains, congress leaning mediapersons have taken the position that PM should not inaugurate this as he is head of a secular democracy.

However, the same people did nothing when Rajiv Gandhi opened the gates of Babri Masjid. They were salivating on Biryani when they were called to cover the Iftar parties of their Hindu political masters.

All secularism comes into play when things are going in favour of Hindus,

Past efforts

It must be remembered that Congress was not in favour of Ram Temple anytime in the past. Its leaders have assured Muslims of reestablishing Babri at the same sight.

In 2018, Kapil Sibal prayed in Supreme Court to not give the decision in the Ram Temple case before elections. Thus, they have always been opposed to its early resolution or construction of temple.

Apart from that in the Ram Setu case, it had given affidevit in court saying that Ramayana is fiction and Rama did never exist!


Congress and communists come from the same anti-Hindu ideology. Congress tries to stop Ayodhya Temple at the last minute but will not succeed.

The communists have also been trying to postpone it. Recently, D. Raja of CPI also opposed start of construction of Ram Temple and association of PM with the bhoomi-poojan. Their Nepali allies have already tried to create a controversy that we exposed earlier. Read the same below.

Hindus in India are now awakening, and unlike past are creating institutions to remember the anti-Hindu acts of Congress and communists. The forgetful Hindus will now remember everything in elections. Sab Yaad Rakha Jayega!

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