Dear PETA India, you are a group of hypocrites, and you kill animals

PETA India is the India based branch of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals {PETA} based in Norfolk, Virginia{USA}. Its motto is : “Animals are not ours to eat, wear, experiment on, use for entertainment, or abuse in any other way.” An admirable sentiment indeed, with which many Hindus{such as myself}, Jains, Sikhs and even a few Christians and Muslims will wholeheartedly agree.

However the actions of PETA India do not inspire as much confidence in their agenda, courage and abilities. The recent events have once again placed the Indian branch of foreign NGO under public scrutiny.

Recent events

The Bakrid Poster

A few weeks ago, PETA India put up a banner in Lucknow’s Muslim dominated area. It featured the photo of a goat with the caption “I am a living being, not meat! Change your attitude towards us. Become vegan.”{Translated from Hindi. Punctuations my own.}

Peta india id poster

Soon the Muslim retaliation started as this was interpreted as an attack on the festivals of Muslims. Maybe, it was targeted against Muslims as Bakrid is well known for being cause of death of tens of millions of goats and other animals every year. Anyways, in response to the Muslim outrage, PETA India hurriedly removed the banner.

Rakshabandhan poster of PETA India

Rakshabandhan is one festival of Hindus that has nothing to do at all with animal cruelty and killing animals. Even non-vegetarian Hindus do not eat any meat on that day. Hindus do not buy any meat derived product that day. Rakhis are not made of leather and people are known to tie rakhis to even trees on that day!

So, the wise folks at PETA India come up with a plan. If they were of ordinary intelligence, like me, they would have run a campaign saying : “Let us tie Rakhis to animals”. No one would have objected and people would even have supported this appeal. But because, they are extraordinarily intelligent, they make the following poster:-

PETA India rakhi poster

It appears from the poster that Hindus are in the habit of sacrificing cows and using their leather to make Rakhis on Rakshabandhan! Now, many Hindus who have strong emotions regarding cow protection, took up the issue with PETA. Let us see their response.

Response and trolling

When confronted by MP Jay Panda, PETA replies that cows are “our sisters under the skin”. Now this whole issue reveals many things about people running PETA:-

  • They have no idea about how to get a message across. They do not care about cultural/religious sensitivity of Hindus.
  • They are woefully unaware of Hindu culture and beliefs. Hindus belief cows as mother, not sister! We also do not harm any cows and millions of Hindus in history have sacrificed their own lives for cows, and continue to do goraksha even today.
  • PETA understands the language of fear and threats. It removed the poster that offended Muslims, but kept one that offended Hindus and are shamelessly defending it.

But that was not the end of it. It is well known that Abrahamic religions hate snakes and consider them instruments of Satan. According to their mythology, Satan or Devil took the form of snake and are metaphors of evil. Snake is an expletive in their vocabulary and much used on their enemies.

The worst of bullying is reserved in social media for women who support Hindutva. No wonder that Shefali Vaidya, an author and Hindutva warrior has been called a snake by Islamists and other Hinduphobes. Fortunately for her detractors, she has not yet claimed the “victim card” and the “woman card”, but gives hard hitting replies. Of course, the impotence of Islamists is channeled in name-calling.

Anyways, so as Shefali came in against this action of PETA, some Islamists and Hinduphobes started the tend #SnakeLivesMatter on twitter. Wonder of wonders! PETA India joined in the trolling!

This was an uncalled for tweet. If PETA India supporters think, this tweet helped their cause, I am frankly aghast. So PETA India is called out on its hypocrisy and it starts playing the hands of trolls.

Icons of PETA India

PETA India also called out Shefali because she eats non-vegetarian food. That would have been fine except for the reasons below.

Every year PETA India awards a Person of The Year title. In 2017,Anushka Sharma was person of the year. In 2018, it was Sonam Kapoor and 2019, it was Virat Kohli. It stands to reason that all these celebrities are the ones that PETA wants us to emulate. Now PETA opposes using animal derived products like milk and honey too, but we will give them some leeway. In this little enquiry we will focus if these three stars use or promote any meat or leather products.

Anushka Sharma is a vegetarian but is often seen with her Italian leather bags. Similarly, Sonam Kapoor also uses leather bags and clothes. She is also seen admiring non-vegetarian food on instagram. Virat Kohli owns a clothing and accessory brand called ‘Wrogn’, which sells leather products including jackets and footwear. It must also be mentioned that these people became vegetarian mostly due to health complications and that too in recent years.

The other awards PETA India bestows is “Hero to animals” award. It has been conferred on Shilpa Shetty, Imran Khan{the actor}, and Odisha CM Navin Pattnaik. All of them are openly non-vegetarian. Pattanaik has also started giving eggs in schools in Odisha in mid day meal.

So before trolling Shefali, PETA should ask its heroes and “Persons of the year” to support it. PETA does not have the courage to troll them because the counter attack will finish PETA.

Actions of PETA India

PETA claims to work for welfare of animals. The truth cannot be much farther. According to this Washington post article, PETA actually kills more than 80% of the animals it ‘rescues’! It calls such killing euthanasia i.e. mercy killing. Such a statement brings to mind the villain Thanos from Marvel’s universe. Indeed, it has killed perfectly healthy dogs, including pets of children for no particular reason!

Recently, it conspired to take away Lakshmi, the temple elephant at Manakula Vinayagar Temple in Pondicherry. From the comfortable living stables at the temple, she was taken to a forest and kept there for weeks. Not in habit of living in the forests as she had been in the temple since decades, Lakshmi did not even sleep for weeks.

Finally, after much effort by Hindus, the CM allowed her to go back. You can see her sounds of joy as she returns to the temple:-

It seems that PETA India would have wanted to euthanize Lakshmi to. After all, they are no different from PETA USA.


Rather than preaching Ahimsa to Hindus and teaching them to love cows, ironically, PETA India should look inwards. They should ask themselves why they surrender to Islamists? Why they do not protest against Christmas, in which millions of Turkey’s are killed?

They should explain their motives in killing animals and separating pets from their owners. They should answer to Lakshmi why they kept her away from her home of decades? Till then they have no right to speak.

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