Crypto-Christians in India : the case of Justice Ruth Banumathi

Before, we discuss Justice Banumathi, let us learn a bit about Crypto Christians. Crypto-Christianity is the secret practice of Christianity, usually while attempting to camouflage it as another faith or observing the rituals of another religion publicly. Much like concept of Taqqia among Muslims, this has historically been seen in the Roman Empire, medieval Japan, Ottoman empire and many Islamic countries.

In recent decades, crypto-Christians have been growing in India too. While in above mentioned places, crypto-Christianity was mostly a defensive tactic to protect themselves, in India the situation is different. In India, there is no legal discrimination against Christians. Yet many of those converted into Christianity continue using the Hindu names, wearing Hindu symbols and showing people that they are Hindu. I have previously written how more than 25% of Andhra Pradesh is now Christian. I also gave the example of how President K R Narayanan was a Christian, but continued claiming himself to be a Dalit until his death. You can read the post here.

Hyprocrisy of the leftist-Islamist cabal

A recent case exposed the hypocrisy of the leftist-Islamist cabal regarding religion. The Chief Justice of India, Sharad Arvind Bobde was mercilessly trolled for posing with a bike and then going to temple. This is what the trolls said.

The clear insinuation was that because he is a devout Hindu, his neutrality is suspect, and he has given or will give judgments in favour of the current government.

justice banumathi

Yesterday, Justice R Banumathi of Supreme Court made a shocking revelation. She professed faith in Christ and her Gospel since her childhood.

It is to be noted that this was not a meeting of Christians. This was her retirement party and she was not obliged to say anything about her faith. It is worthwhile to mention that she claimed she was a Hindu, but never took name of a single Hindu God.

Unsurprisingly, the leftist-Islamist cabal has not said a word on this. After all, Hindu religiosity, even in a temple, is naturally suspect to Abrahamic eyes. Let us review some landmark judgments of Justice Banumathi and see if we can find anything.

Three landmark cases of Justice R Banumathi

The first case which brought Justice Banumathi to limelight was trial of Swami Premananda in 1988. The trial of the Hindu Guru from Sri Lanka was necessitated by accusations of multiple counts of rape and murder. The court of Justice Banumathi gave him life imprisonment. Swami died in the jail a few years later. The interesting thing about the case is that apparently, the main victim and others completely retracted their statements and claimed it was obtained by torture{noted in the judgement by Banumathi, but brushed away}and the evidence was allegedly falsified. Ram Jethmalani wrote two articles on the whole issue that clarify the whole issue.

The second case pertains to 2006. A single  single judge of the Madurai Bench of the Madras High Court banned Jallikattu for the first time. The fun fact is : Jallikattu was not even remotely connected to the case!

A farmer from Tamil Nadu filed a write petition for conducting rekla race{bullock cart race}. The presiding judge, our Justice Banumathi, expanded the scope of the petition and banned not only rekla, but also oxen race and jallikattu! The writ petition was heard and order passed in unseemly hurry on the same day! No notices were issued to anyone and no counter-arguments heard.  Anti-Hindu bias? I detect some hint of it.

Another famous case where Justice Banumathi shined through was the Nataraja Temple in Chidambaram. Justice Banumathi passed the order for overtaking of Nataraja Temple by the government. “Administration of temple is purely secular and the state can intervene and regulate the administration if the secular activities of the institution are mismanaged.” It is pertinent to note that this judgement was overturned by the Supreme Court.

Interestingly, she is the same Judge who granted bail to P Chidambaram last year. For some unknown reason, PC was widely expected to get bail after case was allotted to Banumathi. The CBI filed a review petition calling it a “miscarriage of justice.”


It is not as if her being a Christian was hidden from public. It was quite well known to many people. Azaz Ashraf says in Scroll that “R Banumathi, who though born Hindu, her office told this writer, has faith in Christianity and goes to church. She has not converted.” India Today reports that her full name is Ruth Banumathi and Ruth is by no accounts a Hindu name, even in Tamil Nadu. What it means is that she has not mentioned it formally in documents, but is actually a Christian. In eyes of govt, she is a Hindu. So is the case with most such persons in India.

How many such crypto-Christians are in India is anyone’s guess. If these are accounted in census figures, the real Christian population might come as a shock to most people in India.

Most Hindu intellectuals and parties think an anti-conversion law is sufficient to stop conversion. Nothing can be farther than the truth. Conversion is a process and not an event. Such laws will have the opposite effect and crypto-Christians will increase!

Christianity treats religion as a marketable commodity. Unless, we compete with them and better them, it is impossible to beat them. It needs constant efforts on the ground in all facets of life. Hopefully, the powers that be understand that and support the efforts of such organisations.

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