Andhra Pradesh is 25% Christian now, thanks to Late YSR Reddy!

According to the census of India 2011, in Andhra Pradesh, 88.46% of the population was Hindu and 9.56% was Muslim. The total Christian population around 1.35% and had decreased continuously since 1971 in percentage terms as well as in absolute numbers. The total number of Christians in Andhra Pradesh was about 6.8 lakhs according to the census. It was more than 15 lakhs in 1971.

Andhra Pradesh is 25% Christian now!

So, is the number of Christians really decreasing in the state of Andhra Pradesh? Evidence proves otherwise. I will mention a few data points below, that will prove beyond doubt that Andhra Pradesh is 25% Christian now:-

  • There are two major types of Christianity : Catholic and Protestant. Within Protestant tradition, there are multiple branches and one of the largest is Lutheran Church. Fortunately, this Church reveals some data at its website. It says that it has 3,000,000 {three million or thirty lakh} members in just Andhra Pradesh. So the number of about 7 lakh is already surpassed in one branch of the church!
  • The Hindu of 26th of May, 2020 carried a news{click to read} in which Jagan Mohan Reddy, the current CM of Andhra{who is a Christian, despite a Hindu sounding name}, had provided monetary relief to Imams, Pastors and pujaris. The report gives their number in the state as : “33,803 temple priests, 29,841 pastors and 13,646 imams in the State.” There are a number of observations here:-
    • The number of Pastors is only slightly less than number of Pujaris in the state. Either all Pujaris were not included or it signifies a major increase in Christian population in Andhra.
    • Going by the official census data, there is 1 Pastor for every 22-23 people i.e. every 5 families?{divide total claimed population of 6.82 lakh by number of pastors i.e. about 30000.} This is illogical and shows that census data is absolutely rubbish in this case.
    • Let us assume that every Pastor is responsible for a group of 100 families on average. This is a sensible number, not too large and not too small : just the size of a part of a small village. 100 families makes about 500 people{On average 5 people in a household across three generations}. Multiple number of pastors{30000} to 500 and you get the probable number of Christians i.e. 1.5 crores! The current population of Andhra is about 6 crores. This is 25%!
  • A recent TV interview of sitting YSRCP MP from Narsapuram, Raghu Rama Krishna Raju, revealed that Andhra Pradesh has 25% Christian population. Unfortunately, there was no discussion on this important issue in most part of the media.

These points prove beyond doubt the large scale conversions as well as the fraud in census data. But why hide the data?

Why hide that Andhra Pradesh is 25% Christian?

The reason for hiding the fact that Andhra is 25% Christian is govt benefits of reservation. Despite a host of schemes for Christians that are run by AP govt, including giving some benefits to Christian converts from Scheduled Caste, the reservations are only available to Scheduled Castes, which can only be in Hinduism.

Many converts to schedule caste are not showing their new religious identity for fear of loss of reservation benefit. It is to be remembered that this tactic is used all over India. They do not change their names on conversion to Christianity.

Many IAS officers from Tamil Nadu and Andhra, who claim SC status for job are actually Christians. Indeed, President K. R. Narayanan, often mistakenly called India’s first Dalit President was a Christian convert! This issue was raised during his election, but remained un-examined till his death. It was revealed after his ashes were given a Christian burial and he has a grave in Christian cemetery in Delhi.

Despite the protests of his daughter that Narayanan was a Hindu, Rev. J. Rebello of the Catholic church, who is also the chairman of Delhi Cemeteries Committee, had told that the cemetery is exclusively for Christians.”The burial happened because the Christian pastor of Narayanan’s wife, a protestant, could have vouched that Narayanan is a Christian,” he said. “The church has no problem in burying the ashes, the Pope too has allowed it. But the person has to be a Christian,” said the Rev. Rebello. “Even cremation of Christians is allowed,”he added.

Of course, this fraud is against the interests of Hindu Scheduled Castes who have the exclusive right on reservation. Christians claim their religion gives equality and there is no social discrimination in their religion. It is to be noted that there is a movement to provide reservation benefits to converted SCs, being led by Christian priests.

YSR Reddy

In Andhra Pradesh, the conversion to Christianity was promoted by former CM YS Rajasekhar Reddy. He was the son of Y S Raja Reddy, an alleged criminal from Kadapa district. Raja Reddy, who began his career as a manager in Mangampet Barytes Mines{the biggest producer of barytes in India}, later captured the mines by allegedly killing the owner Venkata Narasaiah.

YSR used to help his father in his illegal criminal activities. In 1970s, he also entered politics. The criminal enterprise continued and in 1998, Raja Reddy was killed in a bomb attack by a rival gang.

YSR amassed thousands of crores worth property through corrupt and illegal means. Indeed, even US diplomats talked about his corruption and commented that this was much higher than usual corruption in India. He amassed thousands of acres of land in an illegal manner.

YSR’s father had converted to Christianity and YSR made many efforts to spread Christianity in Andhra Pradesh. His efforts included staffing the govt with Christian officers, installing Christians in Tirupati administration and also through his evangelist son-in-law.

Conversion : a family business of Reddy family

YSR’s daughter Sharmila married a second time in 1995. The groom was a Brahmin boy named Anil Kumar that she had met in USA. Anil Kumar was accepted in YSR family only after he had converted to Christianity. Within 3 years, Anil Kumar transformed from a Hindu to an enemy of Hinduism: an evangelist.

Andhra is 25% Christian due to efforts of YSR
YSR releasing Christian Songs CD of his evangelist son-in-law Anil{In the right}

YSR spent huge amount of money to promote his son-in-law’s conversion business and it was resented by other Christian preachers.

Anil Kumar, now referred to as ‘Bro’ Anil Kumar , had also been allegedly involved in a telecom scam in 1990s. When his father-in-law became CM, his prayer meetings started to get bigger and have 2-3 lakhs attendees. Naturally, the opposition raised this point, but no one heard as it was during the UPA govt, informally headed by Christian Sonia Gandhi.

Anil Kumar’s meetings routinely involve members of YSR clan. Indeed, it is a family business.

Current efforts

The current government of Andhra has taken many steps to promote Christianity. It is not surprising as Jagan has always worn religion on the sleeve. Watch his palatial house here and note the huge cross.

andhra pradesh is 25% christian
Jagan’s house.

I am not able to list all, but will mention a few here:-

  • The bus tickets of APSRTC buses had advertisement for pilgrimage to Jerusalem. It is to be noted that the state govt provides subsidy for this pilgrimage.
  • His uncle YV Subba Reddy was appointed head of Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanams. He is brother of his mother, a devout Christian. Most likely, he is one among the many crypto-Christians of Andhra.
  • Recently, he was trying to dispose off property of Tirupati temple, but the proposal had to be shelved after widespread protests.


The issue of rampant Christian conversion in India is worrying for Hindus. Even more serious is the issue of crypto, or hidden, Christians.

In 4th century Roman Empire, crypto-Christians had outnumbered Roman Pagans. This resulted in widespread persecution of Pagans including burning them alive and forcible conversions. The events in the city of Alexandria, where Christians killed the philosopher Hypatia and other pagans of the city is shown in the movie Agora. Every Hindu should watch it. Now, there is not a single Roman Pagan left in the world.

Christian churches think in terms of millennia. Pope John Paul Visited India in 1999 and said that tolerance and respect is fine, but Christians have to focus on conversions! The plan is to make Asia Christian, just like Western Europe was made Christian in 1st millennium and Americas, Africa and Australia in 2nd millennium.

It is important that Hindus too should think about the long term consequences of the tiniest of actions and save their religion. Else, Hinduism will die and Hindus would become the objects of curiosity, just like pagans of ancient Rome, ancient Egypt and medieval American-Indians.

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  1. The Indian govt and the agencies like VHP and Bajrang Dal that support them, harass and in many cases brutally murder Christians. So it is but natural that those Hindus that come to Christ, would hide their faith atleast till the Lord makes them bold enough to reveal it to others.

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