No, Vikas Dubey is not a Hindu Brahmin terrorist and here is why!

The morning of yesterday, 03.07.2020 started with bad news. In Kanpur, 8 policemen were killed by a dreaded criminal named Vikas Dubey using advanced weapons. Since yesterday, the phrase “Vikas Dubey terrorist” has been trending on twitter. There are many confusions on who is a terrorist and who is simply a criminal. In this post we discuss this issue and will try to come to a conclusion.

Who is Vikas Dubey?

Locally known by the nickname ‘Bikru’, Vikas is a criminal, who started his career in 1990s. The career which started with a family feud soon became lucrative. Initially, he had protection of local leaders of BJP, but he soon he shifted to SP and BSP. He has indulged in various illegal activities and has more than 60 cases against him. Like all criminals of UP, including Mukhtar Ansari and Azam Khan, he also became a sort of land mafia in Kanpur.

 Vikas Dubey terrorist or criminal?

Vikas became influential enough to get a ticket for his wife Richa Dubey from Samajwadi Party for member of Zila Panchayat. Her wife is currently a Zila Panchayat member. He himself has won Nagar Panchayat as well as Zila Panchayat elections. Not only SP, but reportedly he has also been influential in local BSP and BJP circles.

He continued his criminal activities. The police had been tracking him for many days and when they cornered him, he and his gang used advanced weapons to shoot at them. Eight policemen attained veergati in the tragic event.

Policemen killed by Vikas Dubey

The Director General of Police in UP, Sh. H C Awasthy has declared that is the priority to catch him along with his gang members and also find out the source of advanced weapons.

Political misinformation

Political misinformation began soon after the news of the heinous crime broke. Many online workers of Samajwadi Party and Congress started a campaign to defame a local BJP/BJYM leader named Vikas Dubey and alleged his close relations with CM Yogi Adityanath and other leaders of BJP.

The leader had to issue a clarification that he is not the same person as mentioned in the news.

clarification by BJP leader Vikas dubey

Defaming the Brahmins

This incident was seen as an opportunity to paint Brahmins and by extension, Hindus as supporters of criminals. Have a look at the screenshot being shared as below. This was apparently on facebook. The writer as not able to get to the profile of ‘Reeta Pandey’ on facebook. This was likely a fake profile and the person behind this should be punished. If she is a Hindu, her punishment should be double, if a Brahmin four times. Suffice it to say, that no genuine profile has supported this act or Vikas Dubey. Even the mother of Vikas Dubey has supported the strictest punishment for him {and not supported him, like mothers of a certain community often do}.

False flag operation in Vikas Dubey case

Vikas Dubey : Terrorist or not?

The trend to call a criminal as terrorist does not really hurt anyone, but it is important to get the facts right. The decision on whether Vikas Dubey is terrorist or not can only be made if we check the definition of terrorism.

Elements of Terrorism

Terrorism has been defined in various ways by various people. If you do the research, most definitions of “terrorism” have these common elements:-

  • The use of violence or of the threat of violence in the pursuit of political, religious, ideological or social objectives
  • Acts committed by non-state actors (or by undercover personnel serving on the behalf of their respective governments)
  • Acts reaching more than the immediate target victims and also directed at targets consisting of a larger spectrum of society

Clearly, violence should serve some “political, religious, ideological or social objectives” and not some “commercial” objectives. Terrorism is a subset of crime. It should be noted that most of the crime is motivated by money, rather than ideology. Indeed Dawood Ibrahim was a criminal before he took up the Islamist cause and masterminded Bombay Blasts in 1993.

Is Vikas Dubey a terrorist?

Certainly not. He certainly is a heinous criminal. But his objectives are not political, religious, ieological or social. His motivation for crime is money. Indeed, the way he changed parties and had friends all over the political spectrum proves him to be a mercenary like the Italian Mafia or Japanese Yakuza or Chinese Triads.

Some people have stated that having possession of an AK47 proves that Vikas Dubey is a terrorist. They are wrong for so many reasons:-

  • Many crime syndicates use AK47, including above mention Mafia, Triads etc. Indeed, many smugglers in India also carry AK47. That does not make them terrorists.
  • Why do these same people call AK47 Pakistani terrorists as ‘militants’? Why AK47 carrying Maoists are not called terrorists, but rebels? What about LTTE? These double standards expose their agenda.
  • Sanjay Dutt was caught with AK56. The same people have never called him a terrorist, and will never call him a terrorist.

Can it be called Hindu Terror or Brahmin Terror?

Certain political parties, hand in gloves with Islamists and Communists tried to push the narrative of Hindu Terror in last decade. One must remember the fake cases on Sadhvi Pragya, Swami Aseemanand and Lt. Col Purohit. One must also not forget that after the terrorist attacks on Bombay on 26/11/2008, these forces tried to prove it was a Hindu terrorist plot. Kasab was wearing a raksha-sutra/kalawa, and after 26/11, Ansar Burny released a book “26/11 -RSS ki Saazish” along with worthies such as Digvijay Singh, Mahesh Bhatt and Maulana Madani. The photo is given below.

mythbuilding of Hindu Terror
Launch of “26/11- RSS ki Saazish”

Indeed, even today some of these continue to claim that Hemant Karkare was killed by RSS! It is only due to bravery and commitment of Hutatma Tukaram Omble, that terrorist Ajmal Kasab was caught alive. This brave retired Indian Army soldier, serving as ASI in Police at the time, caught the barrel of Kasab’s rifle and was shot with 40 bullets. His bravery ensured that other people were saved and Kasab was overpowered. He was posthumously awarded Ashok Chakra, India’s highest peacetime gallantry award.

Veer Tukaram Omble
Veer Tukarm Omble

The Hindu and Brahmin terror names are wrong for the simple reason that Hinduism has never condoned any terrorist activity. The criminals like Vikas Dubey are never motivated by Hinduism for their crimes. Hindus do not go in their thousands to funerals of convicted terrorists.

To the people wondering that why ‘radical Muslim terror’ term is used, it has been proved millions of times that many terrorists are inspired by Islam. They wish to create an ideal Islamic society, which has no place for any other religion. This has been confessed so many times by Al Qaeda, ISIS, Kashmiri Terrorists etc. themselves. That is why radical Islamic terrorism is so named. As I said before, common criminals like Dawood Ibrahim before 1993, are not terrorists.


Vikas Dubey is a criminal and he should pay for his crimes. His mother has said so herself. Indeed, today his house was demolished by the govt. Observers of Yogi Adityanath’s style claim that he will be encountered within a few days, and that would perhaps be the right course for criminals like him.

Statement of mother of Vikas Dubey

What we should guard against is the effort to make a narrative of Hindu Terror or Brahmin Terror, like in UPA days. Efforts have already started and would succeed, if these are not nipped in the bud by facts and arguments.

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