Priyanka Vadra and the politics of privilege

Recently, the Govt of India cancelled the govt. bungalow allocated to Priyanka Vadra and directed her to vacate govt property by 01/08/2020. It has raised consternation among the usual suspects. She was alotted this bungalow in 1997.

It is to be noted that her brother Rahul Gandhi and mother Antonia Gandhi alias Sonia Gandhi live in their own separate bungalows, as they are sitting MPs. The bungalow allocation to Priyanka Vadra in the Lutyens Zone was expected to be cancelled after the SPG{amendment} Act, 2019 was passed.

Priyanka Vadra

Symbol of dynastic privilege in politics

Recently, in light of tragic suicide of actor Sushant Singh Rajput, there has been a lot of discussion on privilege in film industry. It was noted that many actors in film industry have easily gotten movies despite having even less than average skills, to the detriment of real talent.

Smt. Vadra has come to symbolize a similar privilege in politics. Being a great-granddaughter, granddaughter and daughter of various Prime Ministers, that is somewhat expected. However compare her situation to family members of Lal Bahadur Shastri, Narsimha Rao, Atal Bihari Vajpayee, Manmohan Singh or Narendra Modi, and you will see the contrast. This is the nepotism that was promoted by Nehru since his PMship. Go through the article below to know more:-

Vadra or Gandhi ?

Very few people know how the Parsi gentleman Firoze “Ghandy” became Firoze “Gandhi”. The fake Gandhi name helped deceive the simple people of India into thinking he was some relative of Mahatma Gandhi. The current generation has kept the name.

What is even more surprising is that even after marrying Robert Vadra, Mrs. Vadra has frequently used the Gandhi name for herself. While Arnab Goswami was hauled to police station and harassed for hours because he took the maiden name of Sonia Gandhi {i.e. Antonio Maino}, her daughter continues to use her maiden name for politics. If opportunism had a face, it would look like that of Tiger Shroff!

Tiger Shroff and Priyanka Vadra
Twins lost in Kumbh?

Priyanka Vadra : power without responsibility

Like her mother, Smt. Vadra also has a taste for power without responsibility. She has enjoyed high positions within the party without ever jeopardizing her reputation in a direct political contest. Every election, she is given some prominent responsibility. Her cadre expects her to fight elections. She has assiduously avoided fighting the elections and has escaped the responsibility for the electoral debacle.

She has her own organisation named as Priyanka Sena, with their trademark pink uniforms.She along with her husband were exempt from checking at airports and from paying tolls on road until recently. The allegations of financial improprieties against her husband have not tainted her image among her loyalists.

The future of Priyanka Vadra

The political acumen of Mrs. Vadra has never been electorally tested, but judging by the electoral performance of areas under her responsibility, she is likely no different from her illustrious brother.

The political ambitions of Mr. Vadra were scuttled by the allegations of land grabbing, and Smt. Vadra continues to evade her possible electoral defeat. Her son is now being prepared for future leadership of Congress. In true family fashion, his name was changed from “Rehan Vadra” to “Rehan Rajiv Vadra”!

Unfortunately, the grand old party of the country has been made a family concern. The congress workers are slowly being introduced to their new future master.

Rehan Vadra is being groomed for leadership of Congress
Rehan Vadra is being groomed for leadership of Congress.

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