Forced conversions in Pakistan : How is it done and why the world is silent?

Almost, every week we hear about forced conversions in Pakistan. These conversions to Islam are an assault on Hinduism, on Sikhism and other non-Muslim religions. These mostly follow a pattern and are orchestrated by the same people. Unfortunately, the world does not pay any attention.

Recent incidents of forced conversions in Pakistan

There have been a spate of incidents of forced conversions of non-Muslim girls in Pakistan. Rahat Austin is a human rights activist of Pakistan and routinely shares such videos and news on his twitter.

For example, watch this recent video of the mother of a Hindu girl abducted by Muslims in Pakistan.

Of course, the oppression is not limited to Hindus. Sikh and Christians are also the victims of such evil acts. Here is the video of parents of a Sikh girl, Reshma, who was abducted this month itself.

If one follows the timeline of Rahat, one will see hundreds of such cases every year. The modus operandi is such that in all these cases, the return of girl to his parents is impossible.

Mian Mitthu : the Sufi symbol of forced conversions in Pakistan

One of the biggest names associated with forced conversion to Islam in Pakistan is Mian Abdul Haq, also known as Mian Mitthu. He is the Pir at the Bharchundi Shareef Dargah in Ghotki district of Sindh. So much for the narrative of moderate Sufis and fundamentalist Salafis! Both are two sides of same Islamist coin.

Mitthu has been involved in hundreds of abductions and forced conversions of Hindu girls. He was involved in the famous case of Rinkle Kumari in 2012. The abducted girl did not get justice even at the Supreme court of Pakistan. Please note at that time Mitthu was an elected member to the National Assembly of Pakistan !

In 2015, Imran Khan invited him to join his party PTI! He did not join but retains close relations with Imran and Pak military, which has a cantonment near his Dargah. Below are his photos with Imran and Army Chief Bajwa.

forced conversions in Pakistan supported by Imran Khan
Forced conversions in Pakistan are supported by Imran Khan
forced conversions in Pakistan supported by pak military
Forced conversions in Pakistan supported by Pak military

He also led the 2019 riots against a Hindu Principle on the trumped up charges of blasphemy. So what is the modus operandi of Mitthu?

Modus Operandi

His method of forced conversion that Mitthu follows has following elements:-

  • A Hindu girl is abducted. The age of such girls is generally between 11 to 19. Please note that even in India, under Muslim personal law child marriage is allowed! In fact such abductions led to child marriages in India during Muslim rule. This evil as not prevalent in ancient India.
  • She is taken to his dargah and pressured to convert by force. It is easy to convert them as it is a matter of their life and death.
  • As soon as she converts, she is married off to an older man generally as a second wife.
  • The supporters of Mitthu then start the rumor that the girl was already in love with the man and they only helped the girl. It is a marvel that in whole of Pakistan, not one Muslim girl falls in love with a Hindu boy!
  • The parents try to get support from court, the nikahnama of the girl is produced. Even if the girl is produced, she is always surrounded by army of Muslims and cannot make a free statement. Often, due to fear of safety of her parents, she says as she is told. There are heartrending videos of such girls who request their parents to forget them and move to India.
  • As apostasy from Islam is impossible in Pakistan, the girl is now a lifelong prisoner and slave of Muslims.

This is repeated at hundreds of places in Pakistan everyday.


Abduction is not the only way conversion is effected. Like in medieval Islamic states, often the coercion is subtle.

In cricket world, we saw the conversion of Christian Yusuf Yohana to Yusuf Khan. Shoaib Akhtar told how Danish Kaneria was frequently mistreated because he was a Hindu.

During the current crisis due to COVID Chinavirus, poor Hindus and Christians were asked to convert in exchange for food.

The result is mass conversion as happened this week in Sindh:-

No wonder, minorities of Pakistan desperately want to come to India. However, our liberals and Islamists, who see humanitarian crisis everywhere from Burma to Palaestine, by opposing CAA deny these persecuted people any relief!

Why forced conversions in Pakistan do not become news?

These forced conversions in Pakistan are not mentioned in mainstream news prominently. These are practically absent from global news. foreign bodies only take interest when Christians are involved. Indeed, Christians often get helped by western countries, who lecture India on CAA.

For example, see the case of Asia Bibi, a Christian woman accused of blasphemy. She was scheduled for execution, but due to international pressure was sent to Canada.There are many reasons, news of Hindu persecution is not seen in global or even Indian mainstream news:-

  • Islam and Christianity believe in a global brotherhood of believers. It means an Islamist in India and another in Israel and third one in USA will consider themselves bound by religion even if they never met. Similar for Christians. They will support their co-religionists, no matter what. Hinduism lacks this quality.
  • The stories of dear or ‘persecuted’ Muslims, even if they are terrorists, and Christians, even if they are aggressors, are presented with a human angle. You will hear how some terrorist in Kashmir was a maths genius and another was son of a headmaster. Al Baghdadi was an austere religious scholar and Osama was a good father etc. Similarly, the Francis Xavior was a saint{although responsible for cruelty on Goans} etc. Stories about Hindus are routinely reported with no human angle. The situation is changing, but it will take time.
  • There is an ecosystem in India, which seeks to undermine Hinduism and promote Islam and Christianty. They are part of academia, film community and journalism. They are the opinion makers. They downplay atrocities on Hindus and promote divisions in Hinduism.


The forced conversions to Islam are not restricted to Pakistan. These happen in many Muslim majority areas in India itself, from Malappuram to Mewat. We must remember the warning of Dr. Ambedkar :-

“Islam is a close corporation and the distinction that it makes between Muslims and non-Muslims is a very real, very positive and very alienating distinction. The brotherhood of Islam is not the universal brotherhood of man. It is the brotherhood of Muslims for Muslims only…… For those who are outside the corporation, there is nothing but contempt and enmity.”

– Dr. B R Ambedkar

It is time the government remove the date of 31.12.2014 from the Citizenship Amendment Act, 2016 and declare India to the natural home of persecuted Hindus worldwide.

Hindus, in their individual capacity need to remember that it requires constant efforts to maintain the Dharma. We have to discuss the issue of forced conversions in Pakistan vocally. We have to establish and support Hindtuvta leaning media companies and portals. Wherever we are, in which so ever capacity, we need to work specially for benefit of Hindus. The ‘Chirharan of Draupadi’ shows that even God does not help them who do not make efforts.

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