Kuldeep Nayar syndrome : Why India’s liberals think, how they think?

None of you have ever heard of Kuldeep Nayar Syndrome.This condition is not described in any book on psychology, and yet if affects scores of left-liberals in India. It results in partial intellectual blindness that I will describe in this post.

Kuldeep Nayar was one of the elite left-liberals in Independent India. He was born in Sialkot in Pakistan to a well to do medical practitioner. After partition, his family was forced to come to India and he became a journalist and human rights activist. He became influential enough to be appointed to the post of High Commissioner to UK in 1990s and to be elected to Rajya Sabha.

In true liberal fashion, he led the gimmick of lighting candles at Wagha border every year on 14/15 August, blamed killing of Hemant Karkare on RSS, was one of the Aman ki Asha suppoeers and helped Gulam Nabi Fai, the ISI’s man in Washington, create a narrative against India regarding Kashmir.

Kuldeep Nayar syndrome named after Kuldeep Nayar
Kuldeep Nayar

The story

When he was younger, his best friend Shafaqat and him made a pact with one another. Both will tattoo the religious symbols of each other on their arms.

So our hero, Kuldeep, goes and gets a tattoo of crescent and star on his arm. As soon as the tattoo is completed, Shafaqat ‘bhai’ runs away and refuses to be tattooed with ‘OM’.

But as our hero is secular-liberal, he thinks nothing of it. He proudly tells this story everywhere till the end of his long life.

End of story.

Kuldeep Nayar syndrome

This pattern is repeated in the the life of Mr Nayar. He was kicked out of Pakistan, but longs to go there time and again. In fact, he wanted to live in Pakistan afterr the partition until his naive hopes were dashed by Islamist mobs.

He claims to have been profoundly affected by the carnage of Partition, but does not learn anything from it.

This one sided secularism is not the copyright of Kuldeep Nayar. It has been the hallmark of all Indian liberals. But given that the tattoo story of Nayar exemplifies it so succinctly, I have chosen to name it in his ‘honour’.

Symptoms of the syndrome

It is important that we understand the main elements of this condition. We describe the people who are affected by it below:-

  • It primarily affects the liberals, but many in the BJP are also among its victims. We know many ‘Saleem’ Yadavs and ‘Kalma’ reciting Goyals.
  • They revel in criticism of Hindutva/Hinduism, as much as they call it a fascist ideology{Read this to know more.} but as soon as they see a real terrorist attack, they will say : “Terrorism has no religion”.
  • They want ‘social reform’ in Hinduism to the extent that its existence is removed. They will ridicule vegetarianism, make ‘gomutra’ jokes, mock teerth yatra, oppose Puri Ratha Yatra during COVID19, abuse Kanwarias, oppose Diwali, dismiss ‘idol worshipping’, fasting, condemn ayurveda etc. They will outrage over Sati{abolished about 200 years ago} and Purda{almost non existent now in cities}.
  • However, they are completely silent over burka, triple talaq, halala, camel mutra, tabhligis, female genital mutilation, polygamy, mutah, child marriage, ramzan, fasting, animal sacrifice and countless other issues of Muslims.
  • They will oppose reclamation of temples by various arguments. They will first lie{There is no temple under Babri Mosque}, then oppose on the basis of ‘harmony’, then refuse the need of a temple altogether{we need more hospitals, universities. Make them on Ram Janmabhumi}. They never say anything on illegal occupation of public property by thousands of mazars and mosques.
  • They will never tell the true history of temple destruction, but create a false equivalence with Hindu Kings’s infrequent raids of temples. They will say that it was only for money. I have destroyed this argument in my popular post on ‘halal lies‘.
  • After they are disgraced and dismissed by their Islamist allies{e.g. Rajeev Dhawan dismissalin Babri case, Gandhi’s condemnation by Ali brothers, Islamists of AIMIM condemning secular parties}, they still continue in their old ways.
  • They will support Kashmiri terrorist’s human rights, oppose sending Safoora to jail on basis of her pregnancy and yet they remained silent on detention of Pragya Thakur{without a chargesheet} for 9 years, label her as a terrorist etc.

I hope you get the drift. Even after betrayal by Islamists, they will continue parroting their earlier line like a loyal dog who has been kicked away by its owner but still hopes to get some leftover bones.

But this is ridiculous!

Yet, this is happens so frequently. The field of psychology is no a stranger to such behaviour. One is reminded of the famous Stockholm Syndrome.

It has been seen in many kidnappings, that the kidnapped{victim} develop sympathies with kidnapper{criminal} and actively try to defend him in case of police raid. Many times they refuse to testify against their captors.

You can already see the similarities between Stockholm Syndrome and Kuldeep Nayar. He was betrayed by his friend, he was kicked out of his home and still maintained sympathies with Pakistan and Islamists.

Causes of Kuldeep Nayar Syndrome

There could be many causes for this syndrome. I have tried to mention a few below:-

  • The primary reason for turning against one’s own culture is self-hate or hate against family. This could be due to authoritarian family, unfulfilled childhood desires, failure in marrying a person of one’s choice, sexual exploitation by close relatives etc.
  • Education and indoctrination also plays an important role. Leftist parents indoctrinate their children since early childhood by taking them to rallies, slogan shouting and even forcing them to do painting on their bodies.
  • Our whole education system is prepared by leftists. This ensures we are bombarded with their propaganda for at least 10-12 years of our school education. After that most universities are staffed by leftist academics, who shamelessly peddle their failed ideology and even coerce students to join them. Unfortunately, BJP govt has not yet been able to change the education system.
  • Lastly there are movies and books. The death of Sushant Singh Rajput and the statements by Kangana and Sonu Nigam have revealed how nepotism and a certain ideology rules Bollywood. It shows Hinduism as a backward religion. It generally shows Banias and Brahmins as corrupt and greedy, Kshatriya/landlords as cruel and power hungry, and common people as stupid idiots who tolerate these. It mocks beliefs of Hinduism as irrational and use of proper Hindi as something funny. However, the characterization of other religious figures is almost saintly. Use of Urdu is romantic and English is cool. This further promotes alienation from Hindu culture.
  • The books have their own mafia. Consider this : after writing six major books, not one book of Rajiv Malhotra has been reviewed by a major newspaper. How many have heard of Sita Ram Goyal and Ram Swarup? Whereas talent-less writers with good connections are easily published. This has been corroborated by noted scholar Sanjeev Sanyal in a recent thread on twitter. You can read it by clicking here.

It is no wonder that many people turn away from their own culture. Often, such people do not become Muslim, because they are afraid of social consequences. Instead they turn leftists. All the above reasons manifest in the desire to destroy one’s culture and Islamists are found to be the most willing and able allies.


The reasons for Kuldeep Nayar Syndrome, listed above, also provide us a roadmap to counter the spread of this syndrome. It needs action on multiple levels. On family level, it is important to engage with children, to give them knowledge of Hinduism, and to ensure that they are protected from abuse. It is important that Hindus become more flexible in matters of love marriages within Hindus.

On individual level, it is important that Hindus boycott those move stars, authors and artists who promote Hinduphobia and ridicule Hinduism.

It is equally important to support authors, film producers , artists, newsportals and websites that expose them and promote Hindu culture.

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