12 Chinese soldiers were killed by this Indian Warrior in Galwan Valley

The clouds of mystery surrounding the events of Galwan valley on 15th June have now started to clear. The tales of bravery of the soldiers of 16 Bihar have already raised the pride of Indian army in the eyes of countrymen.

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The events of the night were first pieced together by Shiv Aroor and then Abhijit Iyer Mitra. Everyone now knows the general turn of events. How Col Babu along with a small number of soldiers was attacked and how the fierce counterattack by men of 16 Bihar Regiment forced the Chinese to run away. It is also known how Ghatak platoon of 3rd Punjab Regiment came in support of 16 Bihar and they ensured that Chinese paid dearly for their misadventure. Indeed satellite pictures show how the dam across Galwan was dismantled by the Chinese and was verified by the Indian Army.

The tales of individual bravery of Indian soldiers are only now coming out. Subir Bhowmic, a respected journalist who has worked with BBC and now runs The Eastern Link has given an excellent account of bravery of Gurtej Singh of 3rd Punjab who alone killed 12 Chinese before making the supreme sacrifice. Read his account here.

Gurtej Singh

Gurtej Singh was the youngest of 3 siblings born in Birewala village in Mansa district of Punjab. He was a 23 year old and served in Ghatak Platoon of 3rd Punjab regiment.

Gurtej Singh
Hutatma Gurtej Singh

On the glorious night of 15th of June, as the Punjab regiment of news of incidents with 16 Bihar, they rushed into fight with their customary kirpans, some sticks and knives.

Fellow soldiers recall seeing Gurtej being attacked by 4 Chinese soldiers. He managed to push them into the valley below but also lost balance and fell on a rock.

The hero, though badly injured, rose up and tied his turban again. He used his kirpan to slash a few Chinese before snatching a sharp weapon from a Chinese soldier.

Seven Chinese soldiers died at his hand this time before another Chinese stabbed him in the back. Gurtej managed to kill him too.

Last rights in wedding dress

Gurtej Singh demonstrated the highest standards of personal bravery and laid down his life in service of the nation. My eyes fill with tears as I write about this young Sikh warrior.

However, the bravery of his parents is still more astonishing. The proud parents bedecked his body in a Sehra and a Groom’s dress before his cremation.

I bow to Shaheed Gurtej, his parents and the land of Punjab in reverence.

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