Chinese fifth column : Who are the traitors within India?

As Indian soldiers engaged China in Galwan Valley, and news of their supreme sacrifice reached us, the Chinese fifth column exposed itself in the social media. Although it has already been clarified by Indian Army sources, Chinese Media, the American Intelligence and the PM himself that Indian soldiers taught the Chinese a fitting lesson and gave them a bloody nose, many still treat this as a defeat for India. They say that they will believe figures released by China.

It should be noted here that China never releases any such figures. For the 1962 war, it released figures in 1994! It has never told the number of casualties in Tianmen Square massacre. Of course, we should not expect honesty from traitors.

The truth of the matter is that Indians successfully resisted Chinese efforts to unilaterally change the LAC. In the process 20 of our brave soldiers made the supreme sacrifice and some others are in the hospitals.

balidani sepoys
Jo Samar me ho gaye Amar : those who became immortals in battle

We have already discussed in detail why China cannot defeat India in a conventional war. Indeed, I did say that the Chinese will pull back. The situation is still developing but you will see this very outcome within a few days or weeks. You read the reasons for the same in the post below:-

My post on why China cannot defeat India was read by thousands of Indians and Chinese.

The Fifth Column in the past

The fifth column in a country refers to people who support another during war. There have been evidences of fifth column activities in India during all the wars it has fought in modern history.

It was in evidence during Kashmir war when many Muslims serving in the army of Maharaja Hari Singh, mutinied, killed their non-Muslim comrades and joined Pakistan. This was at Gilgit. The resulting events ensured that Gilgit-Baltistan remained in hands of Pakistan, despite the heroic resistance of Gurkhas under Major Sher Jung Thapa at Skardu.

Indian communist traitors chinese fifth column
China’s Chairman is our Chairman : Communist Poster during 1962

The story of communist betrayal in 1962 is a fine example of fifth column activities. The communists in India often claim to care for the nation and deride others for their nationalism. In 1962, they supported the Chinese war effort in many ways :-

  • They claimed that India was the aggressor and China was right in invading India. Their slogan was ‘China’s Chairman is our Chairman’
  • Many of them spied for China. For this many Communists were jailed, including Jyoti Basu and H S Surjit.
  • They helped Chinese collaborators in the Chinese community living in Kolkata.
  • Indeed, they forbade the party members to donate blood for Indian army!

Such a public betrayal of the country is unprecedented in India.

The whole Pakistani misadventure of 1965 was based on the hope that fifth column in Indian Kashmir will rise up and support them. They failed miserably. Similar efforts were made in 1971. There have been arrests of Pakistani spies almost every few months in India. They collect information about military, spread disinformation, recruit terrorists, plan terrorist activities etc.

The Chinese fifth column now

With the formation of the of China – Pakistan axis, one can expect a collaboration between both in India too. I have not discussed the most numerous Chinese fifth columnists here, who are armed naxals. They deserve a separate post. But let the reader be assured that there are other varieties of people who support these naxals and by extension Chinese, overtly or covertly. Let us see who these people are:-

Communist Party of India{Marxist}:-

As soon as the news of India-China clashes emerged, THE CPI{M} decided to stage a protest against the govt. Please note that almost all parties, and even some leaders of Congress, gave statements in support of India and Indian army. The CPI{M} started a protest, although on some other flimsy pretext!

They were in such a hurry that they did not even create new posters for that. They reused the some of their old posters protesting against Bolsanaro visit to India{in January for Republic day!}

traitor communists
CPI{M} protest. Watch the leftmost person and read his poster asking Bolsanaro to go back!

It is to be noted that CPI{M} has close relations not only with Chinese Communist Party, but also North Korea. Although, the CCP and North Korean party are at least devoted to their countries, the same cannot be said about CPI{M}. We have read some of their history in the section above.

Chinese fifth column in media

chinese fifth column
The Telegraph is a Communist newspaper

Many of the newspapers, magazines, digital portals and ‘fact checkers’ can have declared sympathy

for Communists. Indeed many of their reporters and editors are avowed card carrying Communists. They have at times supported terrorism in Kashmir, Naxal movement and are supporting the Chinese narrative in current situation. Their fifth column activities take various forms, some of which I have mentioned below:-

  1. They oppose govt efforts to bring normalcy in Kashmir and naxal controlled areas by saying it violates human rights.
  2. They generate sympathy for the terrorists and naxals by humanizing them. They love to tell stories about their family, their favourite subjects and in the process demonising security forces.
  3. When anyone of their comrades in other professions are apprehended, tried and jailed, they shamelessly project them as social activists. The same can be seen recently in case of Varavara Rao, Sudha Malhotra, Gautam Navlakha, Harsh Madar etc. Indeed, they defended even convicted terrorists in the name of opposition to death penalty.
  4. They will try to project nationalist voices as fascists. They oppose all efforts development on one pretext or another, as a developed India is a danger to their political ideology.
  5. In this recent case of clashes in Galwan Valley, you will see them propagating Chinese propaganda and casting doubts on statements of Indian Army and govt.

Chinese fifth column in academics and activism

Academics{specially Social Sciences} and activism are the areas almost completely dominated by the communists. At least they get most of the lime light. They are the most dangerous of the lot as they are considered thought leaders and experts. Indian Communists have in recent decades also started getting employment at foreign universities. Some of their methods are mentioned below:-

  1. They try and recruit impressionable minds for their cause using their powerful positions as teachers. Those who do not comply are silenced due to them being able to influence marks in exams, research prospects, and jobs.
  2. They claim to support freedom of speech but oppose any viewpoint that is contrary to their ideology. This is not surprising as Communist governments everywhere have been brutal dictatorships.
  3. They try and influence the Indian policy to conform to their ideology. If you remember the infamous NAC of Sonia Gandhi, you know what I mean.
  4. They support their friends in media and creative community etc. in whatever way they can. They will write op-eds or appear in TV shows as experts and misinform/demoralise Indian public.
Chinese fifth column in social media
Questioning bravery of Indian Army and not even trying to hide the happiness at Indian deaths! – an Indian academic

Chinese fifth columnists in other areas

These are not the only places you will find them. You can find them amongst entertainers like lyricists, musicians, stand-up comedians, filmmakers etc. They create a conducive environment for propagation of communist ideology. This foreign ideology distances a person from his culture, people and country.


It is important that the danger of Chinese aggression be seen in the entirety. The military aggression of China can be dealt with by the army. It is important that Indian govt deals with the Chinese fifth column too in an effective manner. There will be shrill voices and probably international condemnation, but nothing has priority over national security. At least in this respect India needs to learn from China!

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