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Love Jihad : since Premchand to our times

The title of this article might surprise you. Love jihad is a very modern term which has come into prominence in last 10-15 years. How can Premchand, the great Hindi writer, and his times have anything to do with it? Premchand died in 1936. Surely in his time, the reader may think, there was no such thing!

As a matter of fact, the phenomenon was very well present during those times and is documented in many of his stories. I will give a brief from one of his story exclusively based on this phenomenon.

I will also analyse the objectives, list common elements and tell ways to deal with Love Jihad

What is Love Jihad?

Love Jihad is an effort by Muslim men in targeting women belonging to non-Muslim communities for conversion to Islam by feigning love.

Last week was witness to at least two cases of Love Jihad coming to light. In both cases, the Muslim men took Hindu names to deceive the girls.

In case 1, he actually married the girl. Later he told him he took her to his family on Eid and the girl found about his Muslim identity. On finding out that he was a Muslim and on refusal to convert and eat beef, she was brutally murdered. The family of boy helped in the murder and disposal of body by chopping it in parts. It could come to light only after 1 year of investigation. Read the ghastly details here.

In case 2, the accused got an Aadhaar card made in the name of Dinesh Rawat for express purpose of deceiving and luring Hindu girls. He allegedly already had a first wife and children. He raped the girl for 2 years until the girl got suspicious of his identity. The details were reported here.

Hundreds of such cases come to light every year and thousands don’t! In many cases girls are gang raped, sold to Arab countries or even become radicalised enough to join ISIS. It common for girls in such cases to disavow their friends and family.

Some recent victims of Love Jihad
Some noted and widely discussed cases of Love Jihad. Pic from Twitter

Objective of Love Jihad

The objectives of Love Jihad multi-fold. I have made a list:-

  1. To increase converts to Islam by any manner whatsoever.
  2. To feel superior to Hindus by luring their girls. This religious bigotry is often a very strong motivation.
  3. The added benefits of less Hindu girls for marriage and therefore decrease in Hindu population

Love Jihad in the times of Premchand

It is said that literature is the mirror to society. Premchand has written many stories on this theme of Islamists having a penchant for capturing Hindu girls. However, the story ‘Lanchan’ is entirely based upon this theme. I will give a brief account below. You can read the full story by clicking here.

A Muslim sweeper by name of Munnu invokes sympathy for himself in the mind of a Hindu married woman who lives with her daughter and husband. Next he poisons the mind of woman against her husband by saying the he visits prostitutes. In between he also praises a Muslim shopkeeper. He tells her that the shopkeeper is very fond of her daughter and respects her a lot. Gifts for the daughter follow.

Suddenly, the daughter dies and the couple is left in a turbulent emotional state. The gifts now arrive for the woman. The sweeper succeeds in completely poisoning the mind of wife. There is a small fight between the couple. The husband repeatedly advices the wife not to talk to the sweeper.

Finally, the woman is induced to leave the house of her husband for the Muslim shopkeeper. The woman has many doubts, but finally has no choice as she cannot leave the house of Muslim shopkeeper now.

The story also indicates the use of occult practices for luring women.

It is not only Premchand who has written on the issue. Famous Kannada writer S. L. Bhairappa has written a novel named Aavaran on a similar theme exploring what exactly happens after the marriage.

Note:- You can buy the book Aavran by clicking on the link below. Please note I may get a small fee if you buy from this link.


However, Premchand’s story is important as it tells us that this is an old tactic and has nothing to do with Salafism, Wahabi Islam etc. The tendency was present much before advent of these ideologies in India.

Elements of Love Jihad

There are many common patterns in cases of Love Jihad, that I have tried to present below. These not only help us in analysing the phenomenon, but may also help us in spotting and countering it.

Troubled girls

Normally, Love Jihadis target girls with troubled families or relationships. They are easy to manipulate and due to disconnect with their families, can easily be brainwashed.


The boy is presents himself, or is presented, as sympathetic to the troubles of the girl. Slowly, the poisoning of mind against parents, religion and society ensues. This is called ‘grooming’ and is punishable in many countries.

A concerted effort

The boy is almost never alone in this enterprise, but is helped by a number of persons. It includes family members, religious leaders and friends. Many a times, one or more of these are female ‘friends’ of the girl.

Indeed, it is alleged that there are persons and organisations that reward such boys with money. Many lists are circulating with ‘rates’ of girls from different communities, from Christian, Sikhs, Brahmin, Rajput, Dalit etc.

The show of wealth and fame

Many girls are also blinded by the show of wealth, comfort and fame. It is alleged that expensive bikes are financed{or stolen bikes provided} to these boys for attracting the girls. On any given day, one can see a swarm of them at the gate of girl colleges.

Possible occult practices

In many cases, role of occult practices in luring girls has come to light. The author has no experience with the occult but has had many people swear to him that such practices are part of their modus-operandi.

How to deal with Love Jihad?

Unfortunately, many of the cases under love jihad are perfectly legal. It is important that such cases are dealt with promptly by the society. The family plays an important role, so do many Hindu organisations who work in this area.


It is important that family life is harmonious and girls in the family always have someone to talk to without judgement. Most of times, the trouble starts when girls do not trust their families to listen to them properly.


Many girls convert easily as they have no understanding of their own religion. In that case Islam seems perfect{which it is not.} It is important that a strong Dharmic foundation is laid in the minds of young ones. Teach them your religious books. If you do not know these books, read them yourselves first.

In this regard, many comics from Amar Chitra Katha can also be helpful to know essence of Hindu Itihasa. Of course, one can read the Avaran of Bhairappa too. You can suggest more such books in the comment below.


The steps above are preventive. What if the girl is already ‘in love’? I suggest you contact the specialists. Many organisations work in this area from Vishva Hindu Parishad to Agniveer. You can contact them from their websites{click here for VHP contact}, twitter accounts or from local associates.

Helping the victims

Often the survivors of Love Jihad are ridiculed and ostracized. In fact, they can be the greatest warriors against this practice. It is important to rehabilitate them and help them stand on their own legs.

They can become powerful examples, activists and living testimonials against this practice and can raise awareness about this issue.


The Islamist project to convert the whole population works on many levels. Since the beginning of Islam, it has depended on force, coercion, slaughter, rapes, abductions and deceit. It continues in Muslim majority countries like Pakistan and Bangladesh.

Love jihad is a new name to the old phenomenon in which Muslim males captured non-Muslim females by deception.

It has been called ‘grooming’ in Britain, where Islamists groomed girls since an early age and Love Jihad by Christian organisations of Kerala. The same was practiced in Azmer Dargah case of 1990s. The methods, the objective and the effect remains same.

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