Brahmin Privilege : next anti-Hindu catchphrase

In recent times, inspired by the concept of White Privilege, the discussion on Brahmin Privilege has started in India.

This is within the strategy of leftist-Islamist-Evangelist and radical Ambedkarite forces who try to attack the parts of Sanatan Dharma one by one.

They realize that Hinduism is quite resilient, and find it easier to attack individual castes. I have previously written about how they attacked Rajputs recently again and I have answered all the common accusations against Rajputs by these forces. Read that article by clicking here.

This post tries to answer the propaganda against Brahmins. I have no doubt they will give me chance to write about Marathas, Jats, Yadavs, Pasis, Banias, Reddys etc. in future. It will be a privilege for me to write glorious history of Hindus and hopefully more cobwebs of history will be removed.

The thesis on Brahmin Privilege claims that Brahmins face no issues in getting ahead in life due to their caste. This includes getting social respect, easily getting houses on rent, getting government jobs etc.

It is important to discuss this issue and address the inconsistencies in this ‘thesis’. This will be a point by point rebuttal and one hopes will be able to answer all the charges.

Who is behind Brahmin Privilege thesis?

The name most prominently associated with Brahmin Privilege is social media personality Dilip Mandal. He was earlier Editor at India Today and was appointed{without any exam} at Makhanlal Chaturvedi National University by the erstwhile Congress Govt. in MP. He was accused of casteism in the university by the students.

Brahmin Privilege is new catchphrase of Dilip Mandal
Mr. Dilip Mandal

His popularity among certain circles is mostly due to the views he holds and publicizes against certain sections of society. He does not respond to legitimate criticism but still I will attempt a point by point rebuttal below. It is unlikely to reach Mr. Mandal and he is still more unlikely to respond but at least those of you reading this will have your doubts removed.

Point by point rebuttal of Dilip Mandal’s Brahmin Privilege thesis

For reference, this is the thread of Dilip Mandal on Twitter that I am responding to in this article.

  1. Mr. Mandal says that Brahmins are always revered in society and ‘Ji’ added to their name. He is known as a pundit, even if illiterate.
    • Reverence is due to parents, priests and teachers. Even Maulanas’, Bhikkhus’, Pastors’ names are taken with reverence. ‘Ji’ is added to name of everyone here. Mr. Mandal in Hindi translates to Madalji. Modiji is not a Brahmin.
    • On the other hand an illiterate Brahmin{if any such still exist}, is not revered as alleged by Mr. Mandal. Greedy and evil Brahmins have always been punished and ridiculed. Take Ashwatthama from Mahabharata, or in recent times Mani Shankar Aiyar. I can count several such examples.
    • Mr. Mandal should read Satyarth Prakash for a stringent criticism of such Brahmins by Swami Dayanand.
  2. If I am a Brahmin, there will not be any difficulty in getting public accommodation. I need not fear that people of my caste cannot get in or will be mistreated in the places they choose.
  3. Almost all public places will be open for me….
    • Public accommodation is a term in US law.{Sh. Mandal has copied this diatribe from a US writer} It includes all places used by the public including shops, rental accommodation, schools etc. He repeats the same in pt. 3 and that is why I have clubbed them.
    • This is a valid criticism in certain parts of country. In most of the country, especially urban areas, caste is not a factor in getting rental accommodation, temples, schools etc.
    • Mistreatment on the basis of caste is now a thing of past in most areas. However some people do face such mistreatment. I would like to point out that most of these mistreatments are not on basis of caste. Secondly, it is not done exclusively by Brahmins. Most of such cases are by powerful local dominant castes. Brahmins are not a dominant caste in any part of the country.
    • There will always be people, in every society, who mistreat others and that is no reason to demonise a whole community. For example, we could say that Scheduled Castes are traitors to the country on basis of actions of Jogendra Nath Mandal, if that be the basis. However, this statement against SCs would be incorrect.
  4. “I will find restaurants serving food according to my cultural choices. Asking food of my choice will not be considered a bad thing. Rather, that will enhance my stature. “
    • Mr. Mandal says that as if it is a bad thing. If a Brahmin, or anyone, asks for a vegetarian meal, why should it be considered a bad thing? It seems for him, choice of food is reserved for Muslims and Christians.
    • Secondly, vegetarian meal is acceptable to all Hindus and indeed all humans.
  5. If my neighbour or co-traveller knows my caste identity, he/she will not hate me or look down upon me.
    • I am sure none looks down on a co-traveller or neighbour. I have never heard of such a thing. However, fights are common between humans who share same space, even within brothers. Giving it a caste angle is sheer lunacy.
  6. I can upload my profile on Brahmin matrimonial sites and not face prejudice.
    • This is such a laughable argument. I am not even aware of any Brahmin matrimonial sites. The most popular one in India are and Both accept profiles of all castes and religions.
    • Let us assume that there are such sites. Do not people have a right to marry within their communities? If people want a match from a family of similar social background, why is it weird for Mr. Mandal? Let Mr. Mandal upload his profile to a Muslim or Christian matrimony sites{if these exist} and see the prejudice!
    • Love marriages are increasing steadily in Hindu society and many of these are inter-caste. As far as I know, Mr. Mandal’s late wife was herself a Brahmin. So many SC leaders from Dr. Ambedkar to Ram Bilas Paswan have married Brahmin ladies. I hope the reader sees my point.
  7. There is every possibility that the interview board I will be facing in a university department will have representatives of my caste.
    • There is a chance that interview board will have representation from all sections because reservations have been in operation since decades.
    • Even if Brahmin members are there, does it mean they are all biased? Mr. Mandal seems to dehumanise Brahmins.
    • Reservations ensure that all communities get representation in the University exams, so the imaginary candidate of Mr. Mandal need not worry. His competition is not with Brahmins, but other candidates of his/her own community.
  8. If I am a Brahmin, I can be sure that the books and texts prescribed in the school and college syllabus will reflect my cultural leaning, and many of them will be written by people belonging to my caste….
    • I am sure Mr. Mandal is talking about Social Studies books in this point. Science and Maths are independent of cultural leanings.
    • Most of the social studies books are actually written by Marxists, who claim to be atheists, much less Hindu and certainly hate the Brahmins.
    • These books specially demonise Brahmins. If Mr. Mandal wants, he can read the NCERT textbooks of History from 6th class onwards. He will scarsely find a good word about Brahmins in these books
    • It seems that ‘Prof’ Mandal was appointed in the university not on basis of his erudition, but on his ability to write fiction.
  9. Whenever I am told about our national culture or about Hindu civilisation, I am sure that I am hearing about something that is our caste heritage.
    • National culture or Hindu Heritage by definition includes culture of every caste.
    • Is the Buddhist philosophy a Brahmin heritage? What about philosophy of Upanishads, where most of the teachers are Kshtriyas? What about our architecture, created mostly by Silpakars? What about Ramayana or Mahabharata?
    • Mr. Mandal claims to be an intellectual but this rant proves otherwise
  10. Whenever I will be travelling to any Hindu religious place, I will find no difficulty in getting accommodation.
    • I am sure nobody finds any difficulty in finding accommodation in a religious place. I have spent many a nights in Dharmshalas all over the country and not a single one denies accommodation to any Hindu. In fact, I have never stayed in a Brahmin Dharmshala, but that of Yadavs, Patels, Agarwals etc.
    • If Mr. Mandal knows of any such place which denies accommodation to any Hindu at a religious place, he should reveal the name of such a place. I am sure all right thinking Hindus would be happy if such an adharmashala is penalised.
    • Even in earlier times, religious places had dharmshalas according to castes and region.
  11. If am travelling abroad, I will find a diaspora dominated by my caste members. Many of them are employed because of the diversity policies of foreign companies.
    • That is a statement without a fact. I am sure if a headcount is taken, many more Patels, Agarwals and Reddys would be found in the diaspora.
    • Most of the Indians are actually entrepreneurs running motels, 7-11 stores etc. Many Brahmins are certainly employed in companies and in teaching.
    • Most of them do not take advantage of diversity. Indeed, Indians are known to be hardworking and smart in other countries.
  12. Despite getting jobs due to the affirmative action policies in the West, I will keep opposing reservation.
  13. Despite getting jobs under diversity principle, I will not consider myself less meritorious.
  14. I will oppose affirmative policies of India and consider myself caste-blind or caste-neutral. Opposing reservation will not make me casteist
    • Here Mr. Mandal confuses the issue. There are no reservations in most other countries. Affirmative policies are of many types, not only reservation.
    • Diversity principle does compromise with merit even in other countries. How can anyone contest this?
    • Many Brahmins indeed oppose reservations, but that is due to the perceived injustice. They see a reserved family getting reservation despite being rich and themselves being left out in admissions and jobs despite being poorer.
    • Reservation demand has now entered a new phase where reservation in promotion in jobs is being asked. In fact court has already said, such a reservation is not a fundamental right. How can Mr. Mandal defend reservation in promotion?
    • Reservation has been in operation for seven decades and still only a few families have benefitted. Why does Mr. Mandal oppose creamy layer in reservation, which will actually benefit poor SCs and STs? If reservation favours such deserving candidates, I am sure none will oppose it.
    • The opposition to reservation is less to do with caste and more to do with perceived injustice. Does the nephew of Ms. Mayawati require reservation? What about family of Mr. Ram Vilas Paswan? They are already rich and powerful. Is it justice that a family gets reservation generation after generation, in college, in jobs and then in promotion?
  15. When I enter a music store and ask for traditional Indian music, there is a fair possibility that the shopkeeper will hand me over something that has been produced by my caste brethren.
    • There is no ban on learning music by other castes. If anybody is inclined, he should learn it. Indeed many masters like Bismillah Khan, Alauddin Khan etc. are not even Hindus.
    • Popular Bhakti music also comes under traditional music. Most singers are not only not Brahmins, but also non-Hindus. Consider songs of Yesudas and Jagjit Singh.
    • Folk music is, and has always been, dominated by non-Brahmins.
  16. My caste gets almost 100 per cent reservation for the position of a priest, but I dislike the constitutional scheme of reservations.
    • Not only many temples traditionally have non-Brahmin priests, but since last many decades govt., and many religious institutions have been training any willing Hindu for priesthood. In fact, Arya Samaj has been doing it since 19th century.
    • Although, even now most priests are Brahmins, there is no such constitutional bar. It is to be noted that most such priests are very poor. Most big temples are govt. controlled and priests get a pittance there. Most priests are in small village temples and on the verge of poverty. In fact many have been forced to beg during current lockdown.
    • Influence of priests has been rapidly declining. In their place corporate Gurus are rising. Most of them like Ram Rahim, Nirankari, Asharam, Jaggi Vasudev, Rampal etc. are not Brahmins.
  17. I will be considered eligible to speak on every topic. My ‘C’ grade work will be cited in research papers by virtue of my surname.
    • That is patently false. The persons in India who speak on every topic are either journalists or politicians. Most people in both these professions are non-Brahmins just like Mr. Mandal.
    • The ‘C’ grade work that Mr. Mandal refers to are a problem of all third world countries including India and China. It is not a caste specific issue. He should provide evidence of such nepotism, if he is serious.
  18. Being oblivious and ignorant about the customs, traditions and present situation of the majority population, which is lower caste, does not make me a bad scholar. I will still talk about the whole nation.
    • The same thing can be said about any scholar who oversteps the boundaries of his knowledge including Mr. Mandal.
  19. My love for the nation and patriotism are a given, and even if someone of my caste sells defence secrets to Pakistan or China that will have no bearing on my caste.
    • No it is not. However, it is a given that Hinduism’s natural home is India and most Hindus are patriotic because they think it is their fatherland and holy land.
    • Some gaddars are there in every community and are shunned by the society. Why should the caste, having a glorious tradition of patriotism and sacrifice, get blame for work of a single individual? In fact if the percentage of gaddars in every community in India are counted, we all know what will be the result.
  20. My caste is the mainstream.
    • Yes. Brahmins are mainstream. How is that a privilege? Mainstream has to fight more against the criticisms of Hinduism and has to sacrifice more for the fringes.
  21. I get jobs in the private sector easily because my name is referred to by people of my caste in higher positions. But that does not make me casteist.
    • At entry level most companies hire by some form of exam. Referrals do not work there.
    • Much of private sector hires informally at mid level. Even there, network of school and college friends is important rather than caste.
    • Some appointments on the basis of caste would be no doubt there, but that works both ways and is definitely casteist. Mr. Mandal is trying to attack a strawman here.
  22. If I speak for the backward classes or SCs, I will be considered humanist and democrat.
    • And why should anybody not? If a rich SC person speaks for poor Brahmins, he is also a humanist. Is there a doubt in that?
  23. But if someone from the lower caste does the same, he/she will be branded casteist.
    • If the demand is rational, it does not matter who makes it. If a demand is irrational and solely on the basis of caste, it is a casteist demand.
    • Let us say a Brahmin says that in govt jobs, poor Brahmins should get promotion in reservation, I am sure that is a casteist demand.
  24. When I watch television to follow news or debates, my caste people are over-represented as analysts, anchors and editors.
  25. My caste people write most of the opinion pieces in the ‘National Press’. The university libraries are full of books written by scholars of my caste.
    • There is truth in both points above. The reason is same as Tilak pointed out more than a century ago. It is due to Brahmins being in general more educated and career oriented. I am sure the proportion will become representative in a few years.
    • The situation in both these areas is changing rapidly.
  26. If I do something foolish or boorish, or even heinous, nobody will attribute it to my caste.
    • Why, they do? There are many jokes on Brahmins, with many written in Sanskrit texts. The prejudices and canards ‘Dalit movement’  has spread against Brahmins are a separate category in themselves. I hope to write someday that how these peddlers of Brahmin hate have taken inspiration from anti-semitics and written many books patterned on “Protocols of the Elders of Zion”.
  27. I will consider myself a great humanist for eating or studying or working together with a Dalit or attending marriage of someone from the lower caste. This is sufficient to make me caste-neutral.
    • Not at all. This is normal human behaviour which is common in today’s India.
    • Very few, Brahmins or SCs, are actually caste neutral in India. Casteless society will be formed only after all castes achieve representative proportion in education, jobs etc. and subsequently when caste based reservations are removed.
  28. If my hostel mate is someone of a lower caste, I can produce this fact to prove that I am not casteist.
    • Mr. Mandal makes a strawman argument again.
    • Let me clarify it. If I have friends from every caste, I respect the parents of all my friends the same way and I treat all my friends the same in daily matters; that is sufficient to call me non-casteist.
  29. If I am a Brahmin and if a case is being heard in the higher judiciary, there is a fair possibility that someone of my caste will be at the bench to hear my case.
    • It is true that appointment in judiciary is an area that needs urgent reform.  However, the political parties Mr. Mandal supports were opposed to National Judicial Appointment Commission. It was brought by Modi govt but struck down by Supreme Court.
    • Mr. Mandal, ironically, opposes every step of Modi govt. Maybe he should start supporting it.
  30. I am a Brahmin, I will find it easy to publish my thesis in an academic journal where people of my caste are members of the editorial board.
    • He is repeating the point made in point 17 above. However, it is simply not true. Academic papers are published from colleges and universities where reservations have ensured adequate representation.
    • The teachers play a great role in publication of papers. Now teachers are also from all castes due to reservation. If some student is still not able to publish with cooperation of teachers from own caste, it means that the paper is not good enough.
    • If a paper is good enough, it can be published in international publications too.

Why attack on the Brahmins?

Brahmins have been the keepers of tradition in the villages. They have kept the essentials of Hindu religion alive for millenia. They are not a dominant caste in any part of the country. They have always existed in a symbiotic relationship with the society.

The Adam’s Report of 19th century points out that Brahmins ran lakhs of schools all over the country in which students of all castes{Yes, all castes!} studied. In fact literacy in India was at a higher level than in Europe even in 18th century.

Christian missionaries found much difficulty in converting locals to their religion due to influence of Brahmins. ‘St.’ Xavier has written despairingly about his inability to convert Indians.

Thus, the British started various efforts to discredit Brahmins and promote caste divisions. These include writing inaccurate translations of Hindu books, promoting caste enemies, fake racial theories like Arya-Dravida etc.

The same forces continue to work even today in silence. They know that attacking Hinduism would be counter-productive. So they attack separately on different castes. A lot of atrocity literature is written. I will give one example.

It is often said that education was a Brahmin privilege and other castes were excluded from education. How do we correlate this charge with facts in Adam report? Or with the fact that Hindu temples, made by so called lower castes are marvel of engineering and conform to rules of Shastras ? The propaganda of Brahmin privilege is an anti-Hindu propaganda.


I hope the reader would have former her/his own conclusions about Brahmin privilege by now. The charge of Brahmin privilege stems from the desire to destroy Hinduism. You will never hear it from a practicing Hindu.

It is always people from the breaking India forces, that make up such baseless concepts. Yesterday it was Rajputs, today it is Brahmins, it will soon be turn of some other caste soon. It is for us to answer them with our full might. Those in social media can do their bit by sharing articles against such propaganda amongst their family and friends as well as on their time lines.

Sangh Shakti Kalyuge!

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