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True Indology : why the ecosystem is afraid of him?

True Indology needs no introduction for Indians on Twitter. It is arguably the most famous handle that posts on Indian History and culture, in the process demolishing many dearly-held lies.

I do not know who the person is behind @TIinExile , nor do I wish to know. He or she wishes privacy and that is enough for me. TI, in current avatar, has been on twitter since July, 2019 and has more than 118k followers. Before that, it was tweeting under another handle, which was banned by Twitter.

True Indology Profile pic in Twitter
True Indology’s famous profile pic

The recent Issue

Recently one of the tweets of TI was removed by Twitter citing certain rules. The post was a factual one, with references from a book. Please see the tweet below:

So apparently, twitter does not tolerate criticism of Akbar anymore, even if it is based on true facts. The saddest part of the story is that Twitter did it on behest of Govt communication. If we cannot write truth about Indian History under the government of a party that swears by Hindutva, it is a cause of grave concern.

Past instances

This is not the first time True Indology’s voice has been stifled. His current handle is @TIinExile. Before July of 2019, he used to tweet from the handle @TrueIndology. That handle was banned by Twitter on frivolous grounds.

Many of TI’s have been censored by Twitter in recent times. It is obvious that there is a concerted effort to silence his voice. But who are these people?

Who is afraid of True Indology?

There is a long list of people who are interested in silencing him. I have made a list of various kinds of people who want to get True Indology banned from Twitter again:-

  1. Islamists of all hues are offended when truth of Islamic rule in India comes out. They are used to peddling their lies and passing it off as history. True Indology repeatedly has exposed such lies. In fact, the recent attack was due to a similar expose. I have written a detailed post on their ‘halal lies‘.
  2. Marxists in India have a distorted view of history. They tend to downplay all Hindu achievements and promote an alternate anti-Hindu narrative. This includes calling Hindusim by an invented name ‘Brahminism’, and saying it is anti-Scheduled Caste/Tribe, anti-Muslim and anti-women. Of course, this is not true. True Indology has exposed them many a times. So, these people are baying for his blood.
  3. Sadly, many so called ‘Right Wingers’ are also anti-TI. The reasons include jealousy, embarrassment on being proved wrong, and sometimes rebuke of True Indology on their plagiarism. Of course, many are RW only in name, to reap benefits from the government.

These detractors are everywhere. You can find them in academics, media, ‘fact checkers’, bureaucracy and in Twitter administration.

There has only one semi-serious attempt to challenge authenticity of TI. TI answered it and debunked the so called fact-checker AltNews comprehensively. It is illustrative to read this blogpost by TI which answers all their charges.

Why they want to silence True Indology ?

Islamist-Marxist history writing has been noticably biased. However, even under new government, no progress has been made in this regard. This obviously indicates the reach of this cabal within bureaucracy.

Any new force that challenges their narrative is bound to get resistance. True Indology has broken the power of their narrative. His following on twitter can be gauzed by the likes and retweets everyone of his tweets gets. Compare that with any ’eminent’ Historian of India.

One can also see the internationally coordinated campaign against OpIndia in this light.

They think that by silencing True Indology, they can cover up the true history. He is one of the most articulate and knowledgeable handles about Indian History on social media. Getting him banned will be a big blow to nationalists on Twitter.


However, this is the age of internet. These actions will only help the nationalist cause. New profiles will come up. The truth is bound to come out. The government will also be forced to include the true history in syllabus.

It is a question of when, and not if.

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