halal lie : no forced conversion

Halal lies : The Islamist practice of lying for the religion

Halal lies are the lies Islamists peddle to others, Muslims and non-Muslims, to further their agenda. These lies can be of many types and some of these have been enumerated and debunked below. Notably, halal lies are not bound by geography. You can see the same lies peddled in US, India or Europe. Islamists from all over the world peddle the same over the internet.

Before going further, I hope you have noticed the distinction I have made between Muslims and Islamists. Indeed, Muslims are the primary victims of Islamists. Muslims have been held slave to a violent Islamist ideology which has killed millions over the years. Let us first see the purpose of halal lies.

Purpose of ‘halal lies’

The purpose of halal lies is to spread of Islamist ideology. These lies of Islamists glorify Islam, present a façade of growing strength by sharing fake conversion news, then ironically present Muslims as persecuted in non-Muslim countries, defame non-Muslim organisations while remaining silent on deeds of ISIS and as a PR exercise claim to abide by modern secular values.

The tragedy is that most Muslims also believe these lies. This has led to the falsehood that Islam and Islamic society is perfect and it needs no reform. Therefore, it is important to expose these lies and it is more important that all Muslims and non-Muslims are made aware of these falsehoods.

Types of halal lies

I have made a list of types of lies by Islamists. Within each type there are innumerable lies spoken and perpetuated daily. I analyse and debunk 4-5 most popular lies in each category. This should give you an idea of the concerted effort the whole ecosystem of Islamists. If you come across any other types, please let me know in comments.

Halal Lies about Islamic history

It is common knowledge that Islamic history is full of bloodshed. I have written about how the Great Muslim rulers of India were actually savage brutes. Here let us see some more lies of Islamists:-

Islam spread peacefully

It is often mentioned by Islamists that Islam has spread all over the world by peaceful means. This is historically incorrect. The apologists of Islam offer the verse  “there is no compulsion in religion” (2:256) from Islam to back their claim. I offer following arguments and facts:-

  1. Even during the life of Muhammad, he gave non-Muslims—pagan Quraysh, Jews, and Christians, almost always people who had no quarrel with him aside from rejecting his prophetic authority—two choices: convert or suffer the consequences, the latter of which often manifested as wholesale massacres. Conversion was the price for one man, Malik bin Auf, to get his kidnapped family back from Muhammad. Read this piece here to know more.
  2. Everyone from Turks, Arabs, Mughals to Afghans have done this countless times. Indian history has been full of this since the days of Mehmud Ghazni. Rulers like Ghori, Balban, Akbar, Aurangzeb, Sher Shah Suri, Tipu Sultan, Sikandar of Kashmir, Mehmud Beghda etc. were infamous for forced conversions. They converted captured soldiers, civilians and often enslaved them. They bragged about the same in their letters and books.
  3. Most Muslim rulers imposed Jizya tax on non-Muslims. As a result, due to this oppression, many poor people got converted to Islam. Non-hindus could not expect any help from the rulers. In times of many kings, there were no employment for Hindus in government, so they had to convert to survive. If this is not forced conversion, what is?
  4. Communal riots have always been associated with forced conversions in India. Be it the Moplah riots of 1920s or during Partition when thousands were converted to Islam. It continued in Pakistan and Bangladesh after 1947. Even today, hundreds of people are forcibly converted every year to Islam in Pakistan.
Halal lies : forced conversion
Rally against forced conversion. Pic from The Dawn.

The shameless Islamists should answer above points before claiming “there is no compulsion in religion”. This line from Quran has never been followed and was only put there to deceive non-Muslims of that time.

There may have been some voluntary conversions, but these were exceptions.

India would not still be Hindu majority, if Muslim Kings forced people to convert

Islamists often claim that if Muslim Kings forced people to convert to Islam, how are there about a billion Hindus in India. I put forward following arguments:-

  1. The argument supposes that there was no Hindu resistance. The whole Medieval period is a saga of heroism of Hindu warriors. From the Rajputs of North-West to Vijayanagar Empire in South, Gonds of Central India to Ahoms of North East and Gajapatis of Odisha; there is no corner of India that did not resist Mlecchas. Indeed Most of times, area under control of Hindus was much bigger than that under Muslims. If you leave the 20-30 year period during Alauddin Khilji and Muhammad Tughlaq combined and around 130 year period from 1580 to 1710, Hindus combined ruled much bigger area than Muslims.  
  2. Despite the heroic resistance, Muslims actually succeeded in reducing Hindus to minority in large areas of subcontinent. Consider this. Until 1000 years ago, there were hardly any Muslims in Indian Subcontinnent{From Afghanistan to Bangladesh}. Today there are around 70 crores of them. In three countries of Afghanistan, Pakistan and Bangladesh there are around 50 crore Muslims and hardly 1-2 crore Hindus! How did this happen?

Clearly, Islamist Kings made all efforts to convert India to Dar-ul-Islam. They even succeeded in it to some extent.

The temple breaking by Muslim Kings were for money only

One of the biggest evidences of bigotry of Muslim Kings is the thousands of temples they razed. Consider this: In South India, almost every village has an old temple, some even older than 1000 years. Where are the old temples of Punjab, Haryana, Delhi, UP and Bihar? Almost no temple building in these states is older than 300 years. There may be only a few minor exceptions in hilly areas. But our holiest temples in Delhi, Mathura, Kashi, Prayag, Ayodhya and other cities were razed to ground by the fanatic Muslims. You can visit Qutub Minar and even today see that the whole complex was a temple!

Of course, Muslims did not stop in north India. From Punjab to Assam; and from Kashmir to Tamil Nadu, not a state is left where they did not break temples. However they were expelled from most of Assam, Odisha, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and Kerala soon. It was north India that suffered most.

Recently, many Islamists, backed by Marxists, have started claiming that temple breaking by these Kings was a political action which was also driven by greed for money. To create a false equivalence, they claim that Hindu Kings also attacked temples and cite a raid by Marathas on Sringeri. My rebuttals are as below:-

  1. The breaking of idols and appropriating religious places of others is considered good in Islam. Muhammad himself ordered breaking of 360 idols kept in Kaaba. Thereafter, he banished everyone else from the holy place and appropriated it for the Muslims. The pattern has been repeated thousands of times in India.
  2. These Kings themselves say that they broke the temples due to religious zeal. Their historians confirm this. Some even took titles like ‘butshikan’{breaker of Hindu idols}. How can that be explained?
  3. If they needed to make a political point, why temples that were in smaller towns destroyed? Take for example Haridwar. It was never a centre of political power. Why was it attacked.
  4. If it was only about money, why not tax the temples year after year? Why destroy them and raze them to ground?
  5. The Muslims had a disgust towards idol worship. It actually still persists and is part of their religion. This is the only thing that explains their hate filled campaigns against Hindu-Buddhist-Jain temples. I have visited many temples where they have vandalised the faces of human/animal figures on the walls of the temple. That is not making a political point or going after money only.
  6. It is true that Hindu Kings also attacked temples of their enemies. However, they did not destroy such temples. They only captured the main idol and put them in their own temples in their own capitals. There are hundreds of such examples. One of the most well-known ‘kriti’ of Carnatic Music{Vatapi Ganpathim} is about such an idol which was taken from Vatapi Chalukyas by the Pallavas in 642AD, and is still venerated in Utarapathiswaraswamy Temple in Nagapatinam. In fact this can be termed a political act. The Muslim armies did not respect Hindu idols or put them in their own places of worship. They destroyed temples and made mosques above them. This is a religious act!
  7. The Maratha attack on Shringeri was actually by Muslim Pindari troops, which were loosely attached with regular army. The aftermath is important in this regard. Nana Phadnavis himself took lead to punish the criminals and return the valuables to the Matha. How can anyone equate this with the campaigns of Ghaznavi?

Thus, this halal lie is also demolished.

Islamic rule made India rich

A recent PR campaign by the Islamists says that Mughals made India rich. They built beautiful buildings and made policies that made India a rich country. It is true that British made India poor, but Muslim Kings were no contributors to India’s prosperity. Let me demolish this lie with facts and arguments:-

  1. Angus Maddison, the famous economist, estimated that GDP of India as a percentage of world GDP was around 28% in 1000 AD. Compare this to 24% in 1700, when Aurangzeb ruled almost the whole subcontinent. It is pertinent to note here that India was already rich and that is one of the reasons Muslim invaders came to India. Muslim rulers did not make India rich. It is however beyond doubt that British ruined Indian economy within 200 years.
  2. The revenue policies of Muslim Kings were oppressive. The much admired revenue system of Akbar was a tool to extract as much from the farmer as possible. This was adopted by the British on a bigger scale. Hindu Kings never demanded more than ¼ of the produce, in case of Muslim rulers they stopped at 50-60%! Thus they made the Muslim ruling class Ashrafs rich, not India. India became poor in this time.
  3. Indeed if you look at the core areas of Mughal and Muslim rule, you can see that these are the poorest areas in India even today. Some areas near Delhi have become rich in modern times but most of UP and Bihar is poor. This is despite these areas having a fertile land. Contrast these with the areas in the South India or even Rajasthan and MP. This is the long term impact of Mughals making us rich!
  4. Many Islamists say that Mughals gave us beautiful buildings. My counter question : did they bring the raw material and labour from their original homelands? No. Infact, many Muslims took away our skilled artisans in slavery to Central Asia. Most of the buildings there were made by Indians. Still, almost all the large forts in India were made by Hindu Kings. This includes Gwalior, Chittor, Kalinjar, Rohtas, etc. Mughal buildings can be counted on fingers. Hindu buildings are in thousands. Mughals often appropriated Hindu buildings. In fact Islam does not even have a building tradition. There is not a single large building in whole of Arabia older than, say 200 years. Where are the Taj Mahals in Arab?

I think I have sufficiently demonstrated how Islamists lie about their contributions to Indian economy.

Halal Lies about Islamic society

One of the reasons Islam has had no reform movements is halal lie that Islam is perfect and it needs no reform. Once they take this position, they have to explain many inadequacies of Muslim society. Thus, they have to utter more halal lies. I have discussed a few of them here.

Islam gives most right to women

It is recognised worldwide by all impartial scholars that women in Islam have an unenviable position. In strict Islamic regimes like Saudi Arabia and Iran, they have still lesser rights. Saudi women have only recently got right to drive a car.

Other rights they do not have are : right to go alone outside, right to wear clothes of their choice, right to fall in love and marry a person of their choice, equal right to work, right to see football matches, right to divorce etc.  

Still this lie crops up time and again. They say that Islam gave women right to property. It is to note however that without the above rights, right to property is practically non-existent.

There are no Muslim women rulers even today in the world. In many Muslim countries, they do not have right to vote or be elected. In India, Razia was an exception, but she was fiercely opposed and killed within five years.

This halal lie stands exposed on basis of facts quoted above.

Islamic shariah means less rapes

Whenever there is a rape case, Muslims come out and say that shariah is the solution to rapes. They say that punishment of rape is death in Saudi Arabia and thus there are no rapes there. Due to lack of proper information, this appeals to some Hindus too. However here are some facts about Islamic shariah regarding rape:-

  1. Under the shariah law of Saudi Arabia, there need to be four male Muslim witnesses to prove the rape has taken place. Testimony of four females or four non-Muslims is not admissible. As this is an impossible condition, no rapes are recorded here. This does not mean there are no rapes there. The system is a pinnacle of injustice!
  2. In case a woman accuses rape and is unable to produce 4 witnesses, she is tried under adultery laws. Often she is punished severely with prison terms, floggings and even death by stoning. Would any woman bring charges for rape in such a condition?
  3. Even if rape is somehow proved, but it is also found that the woman was out of home without a male guardian or without purdah, she will still be punished.

Woman being stoned
Shariah justice : woman being stoned to death.

I am sure, not even the common Muslims would like to live under such an unjust law. However Islamists continue to peddle their halal lies.

Islam treats minorities fairly

In recent times, many Islamists try to shame India and Hindus by saying that Islamic countries treat minorities in a better way than India. This is another addition to list of halal lies. I present my arguments:-

  1. There are almost no temples in middle-eastern countries. This despite the fact that in many countries, Hindus outnumber the Arabs. The conditions for Hindus to get citizenship in many Arab countries are almost impossible to fulfil.
  2. There are no or negligible people practicing their original faith in these lands. The remaining minorities like Yezidi are being persecuted. Recently, Nadia Murad, Nobel Peace Laureate of 2018, stated that Turkey is committing genocide against Yezidis.
  3. Genocide of minorities is part of Islamist culture. Indeed, Parsis and Jews came to India only to get away from such genocides. The memory of Armenian genocide by Turkey is still fresh. Similarly, the genocide of Hindus in Pakistan and Bangladesh is within living memory. The population of Hindus in Pakistan and Bangladesh has consistently dropped. Compare that to population of Muslims in India.

These shameless halal lies do not stop here

Islam preaches equality for all

Islamists claim that Islam preaches fundamental equality of all men. Muslims treat everyone equally. This is of course another lie. I present the facts below:-

  1. Dr. Ambedkar has mentioned that equality amoung Muslims is only for other Muslims. Indeed, he was in favour of complete transfer of Muslim population to Pakistan. That would have been a logical step considering that Muslims had overwhelmingly voted for Pakistan in 1946{However, now they lie that they chose India.} Thus this equality was shown the door in Pakistan. Those who believe in Dalit-Muslim alliance should check out the story of Jogendra Nath Mondal. He was the first law minister of Pakistan and a member of Pak constituent assembly. He died a broken man in India.
  2. The slave trade between Africa and America was facilitated by Arab Muslims who actually raided Africa and kidnapped people from there. In India too, largescale slavery began with Muslim Kings. Indeed, slavery was present in many Muslim countries till dawn of 21st century. The last country to make slavery illegal was Islamic republic of Mauritania  in 1981. However, existing slaves were not freed and even today you can find slaves in Mauritania. We certainly do not need such equality that perpetuates slavery.
  3. Islamists swear by secularism and constitutionalism today in India.  However, in countries they are in majority, they try and declare them Islamic. Even in countries like Bangladesh and Turkey, which are not constitutionally Islamic republics, Islam gets a privileged position. No non-Muslim can become a President or PM there. Such is the equality there. And they lecture India on equality where non-Hindus have been PM, President, CJI, Chiefs of Armed forces etc.
  4. Even within Islam, equality is a dream. Pasmanda and Ajlaf Muslims are discriminated against in India by Ashrafs. There is no equality between Shias and Sunnis in each other’s countries. Sects like Bahai and Ahmedis are persecuted everywhere. Pakistan’s only Nobel Laureate in Physics was Abdus Salam. His gravestone was defaced and Muslim word removed just because he was an Ahmedi.

Thus, another one of halal lies of Islamists is demolished.

Islam is scientific : another halal lie

This is the age of science and to be respectable, an ideology has to claim it is scientific. This was done by Communism and Nazism. Islamists also could not resist the temptation and since early 20th century have claimed that Islam is a scientific religion. Their specific claims change based on the popular science of the day. Here we discuss some of the most common claims:-

Earth is round

One of the claims peddled by Islamists is that Quran says earth is round. The relevant passage in Quran has always been interpreted as saying the earth is flat and mountains keep it in place.

It was popularised by Zakir Naik that the passage meant Earth is like the egg of an ostrich. This is claimed to show that Quran is divine and scientific. My comments:-

  1. The interpretation is pretty recent to give respectability to Quran. If this was the case, why did the earlier commentators not write about it? In fact until mid 20th century, Saudi was funding research into proving that earth is flat. Every year, some learned Maulvi declares that earth is flat based on Quranic authority.
  2. Even of the ostrich egg theory is true{which is not}, the earth is not the shape of an ostrich egg. It is a sphere flatten at the poles. Egg is a very different shape.
  3. This is not a great scientific fact. Hundreds of years before Quran, Indian and Greek scientists knew that Earth is in fact spherical.

Big Bang theory

Some nutjobs even claim that Big Bang theory is there in Quran. It goes without saying that this is patently false. No such mention is found in Quran. This does not even need refutation. I have mentioned it here for the laughs!

Arabic numerals

One of the halal lies that Islamists perpetuate to ‘prove’ their scientific ideology is that they invented Arabic numerals, which became modern numerals; and Algebra. The name of Al Khwarizmi is taken in this context. A few facts are in order:-

  1. The numerals called Arabic numerals are actually Hindu numerals, that Arabs borrowed from India. The Arabs themselves accept it. Not only that, Hindus had concept of negative numbers and complex numbers before Islam was even born. The Arab translators could not understand such lofty concepts and these were rediscovered in modern times in Europe.
  2. The Algebra of Al Khwarizmi was again a translation from a Sanskrit work. The name of his book translated in English is : On the Calculation with Hindu Numerals. So much for Arabic numerals and algebra!

The circumference of Earth

An Islamist claim is that Al Biruni calculated circumference of Earth as 24,705 miles which is close to the actual 24902 miles. His accuracy is 99.2% and this he did 1000 years ago. This is a great achievement of Islamic science. Here are the facts:-

  1. Working about 600 years before Al Biruni and 200 years before Islam, Aryabhatta calculated circumference to be 24, 835 miles. This is 99.73% accuracy.
  2. It should be remembered that Al Biruni famously came to India with Ghaznavi and learnt Sanskrit from Indian scholars. He basically learnt how to calculate circumference in India while translating Indian works. However, he still got the value wrong{probably mistake in  measurements, rather than calculation}

Thus this ‘achievement’ is also busted.


Recently, some Islamists in India started to claim that ‘Quarantine’ was first mentioned by  Ibn Sina{Avicenna} in his book. True Indology on Twitter challenged them to show any source for that. Of course, there was none!

Indeed, a few days ago many of these were advocating “5 times namaz” for treating COVID19.


Basically Islamists use every trick in the book to convince Muslims and non-Muslims about the greatness of Islam. However, like a castle on sand, their efforts collapse when faced with facts. Their halal lies are not confined to above categories. They have previously claimed conversion to Islam of famous personalities like Neil Armstrong, Michael Jackson, Will Smith to Sunita Williams and Hans Raj Hans. Read more about that here.

Similarly, they have played victim card and claimed that the allegedly Hindutva fascist forces are committing Muslim genocide in India. I have written about that here.

It is important to expose their malicious propaganda. I have tried to compile a list of most well known of these lies. I hope it will serve as a reference to refute their halal lies as well as promote a healthy skepticism, when dealing with claims of Islamists.

I hope to expand it in future. Please share this article with your friends and also provide suggestions on what else can be included.

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  1. Well said! The lies of Islam should be exposed to the entire world!
    They are absolutely good for nothing creatures who will kill and rape Non-Muslims just to spread Islam all around the world!

    1. Sanjay ji,
      Thank you for reading. In my opinion, Muslims are the victims of Islamist ideology. With some effort, they can be made to see Hinduism is a better option.

  2. Awesome 👍 article. The way you explain things makes me wonder how well you do your research. Hats off.

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