5 things about Nehru you did not know

Jawahar Lal Nehru was the first PM of India. His life is closely examined by his supporters and opponents. Yet there are things about Nehru you did not know. His biography was written by S. Gopal, a Nehruvian, who makes him look like next to God. Similarly, he has been eulogized in history written by Bipan Chandra, books of Ram Chandra Guha and their elk. On the other hand, he has been vilified by intellectuals on the right side of ideological spectrum. His policy decisions on China-Tibet, UN permanent seat, Kashmir, Economic organisation etc. have been extensively criticised. His institution building, including on international level{non-Aligned Movement} has been much praised{It should be noted that he made NAM with leaders, who were either dictators or corrupt.}.

Here, we discuss some unknown facts from his life. This will probably make you see him in a new light.

He was an elitist anglophile

It is commonly known that Nehru spoke and wrote very good English. Firaq Gorakhpuri said that there are 2.5 people in India, who know English : Radhakrishnan, Firaq and Nehru as half. Nehru was also very fond of English life and hated it in India. I can quote numerous such instances, but I mention only a few facts below to drive my point home:-

  • It actually started with his father Motilal, who was completely Anglicised. They had English cooks, governesses, English manners of eating and ‘drinking’. This of course meant Motilal had many English friends and sent Jawahar to England early for education.
  • Jawahar, since he was young, sought to distance himself from Indians. The picture below has a letter he wrote to his father. In this he says he wishes to shift to Oxford, because “Cambridge is becoming too full of Indians.” This was mentioned by True Indology on twitter too. The pic is taken from his tweet.
  • Similar contempt for India and Indians was seen throughout his life and tenure as PM. There are multiple stories about how he slapped an old refugee from Pakistan or assaulted old Sadhus. Does that remind you of British arrogance.
  • A man is known by the company he keeps. If you see friends of Nehru, you will see which kind of people he preferred. His friends predominantly included Englishmen of Indians of English taste. Thus Stafford Cripps, Edwina Mountbatton and many other English were among his friends. In India, his friend was Krisna Menon, mostly because he could quote Shakespeare and had similar English tastes.
  • Compare that to his equation with people who were not deracinated like him. His antagonism to Sardar Patel, Rajaji, Babu Rajendra Prasad, K M Munshi, Purushottam Das Tandon etc. is well known . What is common in these great men? All were Indians outside and inside. Nehru despised and feared them. Of course, the same trend follows in INC today.
things about Nehru you did not know : hated Indians
Nehru’s Letter o his father- from “Selected Works of Jawaharlal Nehru”

He was a racist and hated Jews

This is certainly one of the things about Nehru you did not know. PM Nehru did not support Jews and Israel. This is apparent in his opposition to creation of Israel, despite Einstein writing him a letter. The issue was of course to appease the Indian Muslims. Such was India’s policy that we did not establish diplomatic relations with Israel till 1992. This when we had outstanding military leaders like Gen Jacob, actors like David etc from small Indian Jewish community.

But there is another more sinister thing you did not know about him. Recently Aravindan Neelakandan wrote in Swarajya :-

“Documentary evidence suggests that in May 1938, Nehru approached the German Consul in Bombay with ‘the request of arranging meetings with prominent Nazis like Ribbentrop and Dr. Ley, whom he wished to speak while touring Europe.’

What is even more disturbing is the fact that in the same year the Congress Planning Commission under Nehru came out with a eugenic programme.”

So Nehru requested meetings with Nazis, opposed Jewish homeland even after the holocaust and wanted a eugenics programme for India. Neo-Nazi anyone?

Leftists promote that RSS was in cahoots with fascists on basis of 1-2 sentences in a book by Golwalkar. What do they say about Nehru? Therein lies the scam of history writing in India.

Nehru had an illegitimate child

Various sources confirm that Nehru fathered a child with a women outside of marriage. This is one of the things about Nehru you did not know. The women was named Shraddha Mata, a Sanyasin. This has been confirmed by M. O. Mathai, who was the Private Secretary to Jawaharlal Nehru. He is primarily famed for his controversial memoirs in Reminiscences of the Nehru Age. The book was of course banned. An outlook article from 2004, mentions another source for the same story.

Apart from this lady, he had many other dalliances. The relationship with Edwina, Padmaja Naidu etc. is very well known. It is a testament to skill of leftist crowd that a characterless man has been raised to pedestal of greatness.

Nehru practiced nepotism

It is not much talked about now, but we must realize how much Nehru promoted his relatives and friends in positions of power. In things about Nehru you did not know, we discuss his nepotism now. His elevation of Indira Gandhi to President of Congress and later as minister is well known and criticised. However, this was not the only appointment he made for his relatives. I will mention only a few, however, the list is quite long:-

  • His sister Vijayalaxmi Pandit was appointed ambassador to USSR, UK and later to UN. She had no qualifications for any of the jobs. In fact, she never had any formal education.
  • His favourite military officer and a relative Lt. Gen B M Kaul was appointed as the General officer Commanding (GOC) the North east, replacing Lt General Umrao Singh. The subsequent defeat to China was almost entirely due to missteps by Gen Kaul and has been criticised by most military scholars.
  • His family friend Pupul Jayakar headed India’s cultural scene for 40 years. She was a friend of Indira Gandhi.

One can look at many such instances where Nehru promoted people whom he was related to or who were his friends to positions of power.

Nehru persecuted families of his opponents

Nehru was power hungry politician. It is well known how Gandhi helped in getting him become President of Congress and them PM.

He saw certain people as dangerous for his position and made all efforts to persecute them. It is a matter of controversy how he conspired against Netaji Bose.  He apparently wrote a letter to British telling them location of Bose in USSR.

But he did not stop there. He put the family of Netaji under surveillance for decades, so that he can be capture if contacts his family. Bose family was not the only one persecuted either. Many of his perceived political opponents were treated shabbily.


These things about Nehru that are unknown should be researched more into. It would give us a better picture of who and what Jawahar Lal Nehru really was.

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  1. Good information. Well written. We need to revise the history that is being taught in schools and colleges.

    1. Kalyani ji,
      Thanks for reading and your comments. Indeed, history curriculum should be revised for schools and colleges.

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