Bhopal Gas Tragedy

Blunders of Rajiv Gandhi, Muhammad Tughlaq of modern age

The 7 blunders of Rajiv Gandhi continue to impact India even today. Although he has been conferred with an undeserved Bharat Ratna and his partymen have named innumerable buildings, colonies, institutes and government schemes in his name, the taint on his name can never be removed.

We are led to believe that Rajiv Gandhi brought communication revolution in India, in fact, many Congressis would have us say that he is maker of modern India. Of course, it is a lie. The communication revolution actually happened during the period of NDA I and II. Anyways, the seven blunders of Rajiv Gandhi are mentioned below:-

Blunders of Rajiv Gandhi

Sikh genocide

This is more of a crime than a blunder. After Indira Gandhi was assasinated by her Sikh bodyguards, Congress started a veritable genocide against Sikhs in Delhi and other non-Sikh majority states. Rajiv Gandhi not only tolerated, but also justified it. He is on camera, saying “When a big tree falls, the earth shakes.” while comparing Mrs. Gandhi to tree and Sikh genocide to earth shaking. His goons who aides, abetted and directly perpetrated acts of violence were rewarded with tickets in elections and even today are among powerful leaders of congress. For these crimes alone, Rajiv should have been jailed, but they gave him Bharat Ratna.

Rajiv Gandhi justifying Sikh Genocide

Whole Punjab burnt for years afterwards. Even until 1996, Sikh militants were powerful enough to assainate sitting CM of Punjab. Even today, the Khalistan movement exists because 1984 happened and its perpetrator was deified. Ironically, Congress used a Sikh Dr. Manmohan Singh to ask for forgiveness for acts of Rajiv Gandhi. If this is not insult to injury, what is?

Tamil Blunder of Rajiv Gandhi

Rajiv Gandhi’s distinction is in the number of tragedies he led India into. The Tamil separatism in Sri Lanka was first encouraged by his mother. When Prabhakaran got out of hand, he offered to mediate between Lanka and Tamils. Against the advice of military commanders and with grandiose Tughlaqi plans, he sent Indian Peacekeeping Force {IPKF} to Sri Lanka. So hastily were they sent, that the jawans were not even given the map of the area.

Bluunders of Rajiv Gandhi
Rajiv Gandhi attacked in Sri Lanka by a soldier

The inevitable happened. Indians were massacred brutally and a humiliating military defeat was dealt Indian army. We could satisfy neither the Tamils, nor the Sri Lankans. Hundreds of brave Indian soldiers died in an unnecessary war that had nothing to do with us to satisfy the whims of this evil man. Rajiv himself was killed by Tamil separatists.

Communal Carnage

If somebody can be blamed for current communal situaton in the country, it is Rajiv Gandhi. In 1985, Supreme Court gave a Muslim women Shah Bano justice. She was given right to claim maintenance after divorce under CrPC{which is a criminal law, and thus same for all}. The Muslim fanatics pressured Rajiv to reverse the decision and he complied.

Shah Bano blunder of Rajiv Gandhi
Shah Bano- This old women was not given her right

To balance this act, he opened the locks of Ram Janmabhumi. The destruction of Babri Masjid, bomb blasts in Bombay, numerous terrorist attacks, exodus of Kashmiri Hindus, and riots to this day started with this one act. The causal chain of events is well known.

The only good thing that happened is that finally Ram Temple is becoming a reality. But it would have been so anyhow, if not today then a few years later as the case was already in court.

Bhopal Tragedy

The Bhopal gas tragedy of 1984 and subsequent events are too well known. Thousands of people injured and died and it took decades to give compensation to all the affected.

A child who died in Bhopal Gas tragedy.

What did Rajiv do? He and his party helped the top officers of Union Carbide to flee the country. They were never brought to justice.

Corruption : Bofors and other cases

The details of Bofors are still sketchy. Indian courts closed the case for want of evidence. However, there are enough details to prima-facie say that relatives and friends of Antonia Maino were involved in the deal. What is not known is Ottavio Quattrocchi helped Italian firms get more that 60 large government projects in India during Congress rule.

The UPA government in 2005 released the accounts of Quattrocchi without consulting CBI. There was a chance of his extradition as he was arrested in Argentina in 2007. India lost the case for his extradition in June 2007, the judge remarking that “India did not even present proper legal documents”. To add insult to injury, India was asked to pay Quattrocchi’s legal expenses.

Mitrokhin Archives reveal his mother and he also received money from USSR. It obviously impacted foreign policy of India. Swiss magazine Schweizer Illustrierte named former prime minister Rajiv Gandhi among 14 politicians, alleging he had some $2.2 billion in a Swiss bank account in his name. It is not a small magazine. It was established in 1911 and has a circulation of more than 2.5 lakh. Obviously this money was not earned in an honest way. So much for ‘Mr. Clean’!

Unfinished business in Assam

He signed Assam Accord in 1985. Despite many issues in the accord, let us come to its implementation. He never intended to keep his word. As a result, NRC was not conducted there for 30 years.

When BJP govt. got it conducted, the Congress was in the forefront of opposition. This vote bank politics has led to Bangladeshi immigration in large numbers. India’s home minister said in Parliament that there around more than 4 crore illegal Bangladeshis in India. That was years ago. Now, maybe 5-6 crores are there.

Great Man?

Does this man deserve a Bharat Ratna? On what basis ? But he was conferred with Bharat Ratna. His name adorns our highest sports award. I have no idea which sport he played or what is his contribution to sports. Had he been elected again, India would have been a disaster today. His life is an eternal lesson against dynastic rule. However, nobody deserves to die like he did.


The seven blunders of Rajiv Gandhi are proof that when wrong person comes to power, disaster follows. His fawning supporters kept him out of reality. They will have us believe that he was a great leader. The truth is much darker. However the power of narrative built by ‘committed’ bureaucracy, judiciary and journalists cannot equal the power of truth.

I had promised you seven blunders. You may look above, count and say, there are only 6 mentioned in the article. I know. The seventh is Rahul Gandhi.

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