Hypocrisy of Indian Islamists : talking about non-Indians

The hypocrisy of Indian Islamists is best exposed when they talk about non-Indians. At one hand, they claim that Indians have nothing to do with non-Muslims in other countries and on the other hand they will strive for their coreligionists in far off countries.

Hypocrisy of Indian Islamists
Radical Islamists are spread worldwide- Pic from Getty Images downloaded from BBC

The case of Pakistani Hindus

If you read the views of Islamists about Pakistani Hindus, you will think they are the patriots of highest order. The first argument is that ancestors of Indian Muslims chose India out of love for their country and Pakistani Hindus chose Pakistan. So they have no right to switch countries. This argument is devoid of any facts.

The second argument emanates from the first one. It says that whatever happens to Pakistani Hindus is of no concern to Indians. India should look for its own citizens and leave Pakistani Hindus to their own.

The third argument given is that if Pakistani Hindus are given shelter in India, there may be some spies among them.

We saw all these arguments used in agitation against CAA recently. The final argument was that if persecuted Hindus are given citizenship in India, equality demands that Muslims also be accomodated.

Of course all these arguments are specious. It needs a separate post to discuss these. However, here we are focused on duplicity of Islamists.

Hypocrisy of Indian Islamists : the case of Bangladeshi and Rohingya Muslims

The concerns of Islamists are reversed in case of Muslim illegals from Bangladesh, Myanmar or other places. They conveniently overlook the fact that groups like Harkat-ul-Mujahidin and ISIS are active among these populations. They may harp on imaginary Hindu spies of Pakistan but actual terrorists are conveniently overlooked.

The first argument is the humanitarian one. They say that these illegals are refugees and live in pitiable conditions so India should look after them. The classification of Bangladeshi Muslims as refugees is not sound. Most come here for economic opportunity while refugees by definition are those who flee persecution. That term is appropriate for Hindus of Bangladesh. Refugee term might be appropriate for Rohingyas, but why do they come to India rather than Bangladesh or other Islamic countries nearby. They are supposed to be radicalised, brutally murdered Hindus in Myanmar and even Islamic countries refuse them entry. Again Islamist hypocrites forget that they say that Indians should have nothing to do with non-Indians in case of Hindus, what has changed here?

The second argument concerns length of their residence in India. They say that these have been living in India for decades so they must be accepted as citizens of India. The same yardstick was not applied to refugees of PoK in Jammu. Anyways, law does not recognise any such qualification. India has not even signed UN Convention on Refugees, so India is under no legal obligation to do this

The third argument is economic. They say that these illegal immigrants benefit the host nations economy, so they should be left alone. First of all, this argument is not applied on Hindus of Pakistan. Secondly, it ignores the demographic change and consequent increase in radicalisation in border districts. Indian Government gave its estimate in parliament that there are around 4 crore Bangladeshi illegals in India. Of course they also use India’s resources and infrastructure which would otherwise be spent on Indians. Also, these Islamists forget the loss of jobs of poor Indians due to illegal immigration.

Hypocrisy of Islamists : the case of Palestinians, Iran etc.

The hypocrisy of Indian Islamists is totally exposed when they talk lovingly about Muslims in far off countries. These do not have borders with India or any significant similarity in language, ethnicity etc. It can be seen specially in case of Palestine, Iran, Syria, Yemen etc.

There have been big protests recently in India against US killing of Iranian Qasem Soleimani  in Iraq. There are frequent protests against Israel and in support of Palestine. You can see frequent twitter trends from India in support of Palestine. Islamist preachers in India have been known to support Osama Bin Laden. His lookalikes are in much demand for rallies of Islamist parties.

Here the whole charade of Indians should have nothing to do with others falls down. They claim that they support all these causes for humanity, but their humanity dies in the name of Pakistani Hindus.

Fake patriots?

It is important to note that most Pakistani Hindus are Dalits who are living in constant fear of rapes, abduction of girls, forced conversion and death. Our Dalit intellectuals, who are in cahoots with Islamists, say not a word on that. It is in the interest of the nation and community that these Islamists be thoroughly exposed. They are fake patriots just like Jinnah and tolerating them may lead to demand for another partition.

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